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Question Asked: What is the fuel pressure supposed to be on the 5.3?
July 17, 2013, 09:36 PM
I have 171,174 codes. No vacuum leaks found.Fuel filter replaced. MAF seems to be working properly and has been cleaned with no change apparent. TPS reading good. Big time bog when you give it gas. Picks up pretty good when you partially close throttle in the middle of the bogging. I am suspecting low fuel pressure/volume but need adapter for my gauge.Those things should be standardized, like tire valves. And why the heck don't they provide fuel pressure info to the scanner? Don't expect an answer to the last two questions. Just looking for the fuel pressure spec. for the '01 Yukon 5.3 motor.
Question Asked: "BASICS" section. You said that the o2 sensor is detecting too little O2.
July 17, 2013, 09:25 PM
Shouldn't that be too much if it is a lean condition? And also, in the "HOw do I know if it's a MAF sensor problem?" section, you say to do the "truth test" with the engine idling. My scanner does not give baro, but kpa (atmospheris pr.) and with key on,engine off, I get a fairly accurate reading. With the engine running, I get a very different reading, as I would expect. What am I not understanding here, or is there a mistake in the article? Should the engine be idling for this test? Thanks.
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