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Question Asked: have a P2178 cel, originally had a P0101 and changed the MAF sensor and O2senso
January 12, 2013, 04:57 PM
The car has about 67,000 miles, a P0101 code came up and I changed the MAF sensor, all was good, idle was back to normal and not sluggish. then about 1 week later a P2178 came up. I checked for vacuum leaks and found none. Ran a bottle of Lucas injector cleaner through the tank and then put a new upstream O2 sensor in last weekend and the P2178 code has come back?????? What are next next steps to take?
Question Asked: Trying to recharge A/c on 2000 Honda Odyssey, can;t get the compressor to click
November 27, 2011, 03:38 PM
How do i jump it to get the compressor to come on so I can get it to take the freon
Question Asked: engine vibration at low speeds
November 06, 2009, 08:26 PM
I have a 2004 Honda Accord and it has been an excellent car. It has 220,000 miles because I put alot of highway miles on the car. I lost my job about a year and a half ago and now deliver newspapers at night to make ends meet and i do alot of stop and go driving. When my car is shifting into drive from 3rd(automatic trans), there is a vibration in the engine. Not a transmission slip but kind of a engine shake. It doesn't happen unless i'm going slow, around 20-30mph, like i do alot now stopping to drop off papers. I have added some trans fluid but have never changed it. It one thing i haven't done since it was new( I do all the maintenance myself, change oil every 3000, brakes rotors ect but its never been in the shop fro anything. Just curious what to look for with the motor shake or vibration?
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