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Question Asked: How do you replace the front flex exhaust pipe
July 28, 2012, 01:00 PM
Hi! I need to change out the front flex pipe, it has a leak, and I now sound like I drive a Harley! YEAH! :) Looks like an easy enough change out. Is there any welding involved? I took it to the shop, they made it seem like it was a pretty easy change out, he was willing to do it at end of seems like something I can do, as save a few bucks. The part is cheap, itself. what ataches it to the pipe? thanks!!!
Question Asked: Very rough engine start
November 04, 2011, 01:49 PM
So when I start my engine (v6)the car goes up to about 2.5k RPM, then drops to under 1k RPM (almost dying, but then it picks up again). It does this repeatedly, Up...Down....Up...Down. If I try to drive off, it acts like there is zero power, and I cannot get further than about 500 years, and it doesnt die, but it the engine will not produce ANY power. This has happened as I left the parking lot at work, got onto the road, and I had to coast to the side, or be hit by oncoming traffic. SCARY. I had check engine lights come on - they got cleared by the guy on accident, but it was running too rich, running too lean, on both banks (5 codes in all - relating to the same thing) If I wait for about 20 mins, and just sit there, while it "does its thing" I can drive off like normal. This is my 2nd Passport, and my first one did NOT do this. The dealership I bought it from replaced a sparkplug, and the EGR Valve. But is worse now. I have no faith in their mechanichs. I took it to a Honda dealership, and they have had it for 2 weeks and counting, with engineers looking at it, and they cannot seem to simulate it, and there is no check engine light to pull codes off of. I have had no transportation for a total of a month and I just bought this thing 7 weeks ago!! If you can give me any direction......I would really appreciate it. Currently its at a Honda service center....but they have no clue what to do for it, so I have gotten no Bang for $130 diagnostic fee Buck! It was fine for two weeks, then all of a sudden, If I did not get that warm up time, even on a warm afternoon, I was not able to drive it.
Question Asked: Power window, driver side, motor works but.....
September 14, 2009, 01:17 PM
so a while back ago, the window just started "falling" the woindow would work, up and down, but if you rolled it up, it slowly "fell" about 3 inches, and stays there. now you press the switch and you here the motor whirr, ut nothing happens. help?? and how difficult a DIY project?
Question Answered: stalls while driving but starts right back up
September 14, 2009, 01:20 PM
this jsut happened to me, my uncle is a Mec and took it to work with him to diagnose it, for mine, it was a cam position sensor. the OEM part was about 110. I bought mine at autozone for 40, and it stopped the problem. it was an easy at home fix as well!!
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Car Review: 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan
September 14, 2009, 01:57 PM
Have had sooo many problems with mine. I go through brakes like crazy(way faster than my husbands s.u.v) have had the tranny replaced, twice. stop light swtich, the blower on fan only works on high(thats the next thing) a valve cover leak.....again. my windows have been a mess, my suspension sucks. and the child seats are a joke, i dont even use them, they lock my kid in there, which seems deadly. I have spent sooo much on fixing stuff in this van I could have bought another, but I keep putting money into it, cuz I have no other choice now. 22,000 miles on Brakes? YEAH RIGHT! Firestone knows me by name now!!it IS a comfy van, and other than the floating feeling in it, I love driving it. I just wish I didnt have to put so much money into it all the time, if its not one thing....its THREE!!
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