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Question Asked: Buick overheated suddenly for first time; heat not working. HELP!
September 29, 2013, 09:07 AM
Oh, my. Since my first question on September 2, 2013, my car has run fine despite the recent report that it is leaking coolant, needs an intake and could show problems in a week or 2 years (it was anyone's guess, according to the serviceman at the Buick dealership). Yesterday, my car overheated for the first time ever. It burned so hot that the red wavy light came on and as I was panicking and trying to figure out how to get safely off the busy highway, the temperature gauge suddenly started dropping back down to below the halfway mark. It did this about three more times as I drove to work that morning (though it never ran totally hot again). I noticed that my heat stopped working about a week ago. Yesterday I had it running anyway, hoping it was just slow to kick in. That's when I noticed my car overheating. Is there any connection and what in the heck is going on? My boyfriend added antifreeze and filled up what he said was very low water/coolant. This was not a problem a week ago! Was the dealership right and the worst is happening sooner than later? I don't know if I should attempt to fix the car or just get a new one. Any help out there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Question Asked: My '99 Buick has 87,000 miles. Dealership quoted me $1700 in repairs for intake.
September 02, 2013, 05:19 PM
...due to what they say is a coolant leak. Low coolant light came on about a year ago, but my low tire light has been on for years. Another mechanic told me my sensors are just messed up because my radiator needs to be flushed and the gunk is making them come on or something. So I didn't pay much attention. Besides the intake, the repair cost would include a windshield wiper arm replacement and wiring for a running light that doesn't work. I'm told that without repairs, the leak will eventually cause my motor to blow. They said it could happen in a week or in 2 years. Does any of this make sense? I do not have the knowledge to question any of this or verify it. And for the record, my car has never broken down on me and runs fine.
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