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Question Answered: SPEEDOMETER FAILS
July 14, 2010, 03:18 PM
check the connection of the wire front to back, make sure no shorts or anything,check your speed sensor if not check your cluster. for more indepth answers, check other posting of my answers for Speedo.
Question Answered: Why my instument panel does not work/speedometer out
July 14, 2010, 03:12 PM
Yes, there are many things that could cause this problem. But from experance of owning a 92 240sx ka24de, i have had the same problem. One of many answer, but i have 4 that can help, the rest is SOL find it on google. 1, its really not called a tcu its seperate, its a contol relay ie white and located under the left driveside panel. Look infront of the fuse box you will see a white relay box with the number 28550 40f00. Thats it. Lights back on, what could have caused it is a short in a wire so before you put one in check for it. Example. True statement, my control relay went out because i had a short in my stereo wires, right after i got another control relay. 2, for the speedo could be a number of things but, check your fuses. Make sure the wires behind the cluster is not loose. ( you dont have to take the whole dash apart, take ignition plastics out, plastics under where the hazard lights are, 2 screws on top of the plastics that hold the cluster, twist and bend but becareful not to snap it, 3 screws off the cluster and your set. 3, check your wiring from your speedo to the sensor for speed make sure all connectons are good. If your need more help Email me Trust me i hate the feeling of no lights at night and nothing working especially the speedo rpm and tep, thank god my fuel worked lol. 4, GET A NEW INSTRUMENT CLUSTER, My BEST BET FOR PARTS>>>>> SALVAGE YARDS <<<<<
Question Answered: automatic seat belts do not work
July 14, 2010, 03:01 PM
1st, check the fuse box, read on the label and then test for a current. if has a current and the fuse is good, go to step 2 2nd, check under your seat where the electric seat belt motor is, test it to see if there is a current. If not re-trace steps. Last but not least if all else fails and you have failed as a handy ameture mechanic, take it to a nissan dealership n the seat belts have a warranty i hear, once again hearsay. It doesnt hurt to call and ASK. My personal advice do it your self so you dont have to rely on other ppl and it cheap. lol
Question Answered: the car runs. but shakes violently when turned on.
July 14, 2010, 02:54 PM
i had the same promblem in my 92 240sx ka24de. I first started by geting timing done, then i changed out maf and last but not least, i checked for any shorts. For some odd reason the ealier nissan motors then to lag when a short is present. For more info, contact me @
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