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Question Asked: Noise at 2050 RPMs?
June 13, 2014, 08:25 AM
Sounds like an exhaust harmonic or when one of those tricked out Hondas with the big tailpipe gets resonant. Happens after warm up through all gears right at 2050 RPMs and only when in gear and accelerating. I can set the car to 2050 with cruise control and it will stay in this state as long as there is strain on the engine as in going uphill. seems to quit when going downhill or not under strain. I can't hear it outside but inside it sounds like it is between the seats. Not loud but noticeable.
Question Asked: Rear seal and valve cover leaks at 40,000 miles?
June 13, 2014, 08:21 AM
I've had a CLK 430 and now own a SL 500. For both cars at the 40,000 mile service B the dealers (2 different ones) reported valve cover and rear seal leaks. The CLK 430 was under warranty and they claim to have replaced it. The SL 500 is not under warranty. When queried, the service advisor stated it was just a few drops but would get worse over time. How common is this problem?
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