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i'm a truck guy in his mid 40'i have the knack at picking trucks with all sorts of problems! (must be my price range)i do alot of the mechanics myself.if i can see how it came apart! i usually can put it back together.(but that's not always the case)i currently own a 99 yucon denali with all kinds of troubles and i guess i didn't care cause i recntly bought the 2000 thinking maybe i could combine but it seemed wrong as the truck that would go to the boneyard was still a good looking truck (with transmission problems) on going!so i probaly will be asking alot of questions. but with any i can answer i will return the favor thanks jim
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Question Asked: its been a love hate relatioship with this 1999 yucon denali!
January 24, 2013, 07:00 PM
any online sites specializing in autmatic transmission and its eletrical components of a 1999 yucon denali that render the transmission to not having any gears i had a transmission blow its clutch making a terrible noise this time it just stopped working barely a noise when it went almost a disengage noise then no more noises and no more movement 2 or 4 wheel drive leading me to believe its eletrical some eletrical component names may help in my trouble shooting
Question Asked: can a electrical problem stop a 99 yucon denali transmission from moving
January 23, 2013, 07:20 PM
i changed my transmission! 1st problem motor wouldnt start unless i went to starter. seems the small wire no longer worked. i figured we pinched it. so we ran another wire to crank only had power when starting truck.i noticed gear shift light was out!(whatever)so anyway it worked this way for a week.then a quiet clank and then i lost all gears at about 10 mph.when i shift threw gears motor idle doesnt change what happened?please tell me!i would rather change an eletrical part than the whole transmission! thanks for any suggestions.
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