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Question Answered: Headlights
February 08, 2012, 10:07 AM
Mine blow out approx. every 9-10 months since purchasing the GV in 2006. Numeorus other owners have the same issue. Here is my communication with Suzuki Canada... "We understand the concerns you have raised in your message and we want to inform you that there is no known issues with the headlight assembly. The issue that you are experiencing may be due to the headlamp bulb adaptor (part #: 34175-33E50). This part should be inspected and possibly replaced along with the bulb. We suggest that you contact your preferred authorized Suzuki dealership in order to schedule an inspection, if this has not already been done.". Further responses below: From me: Judging by the numerous GV owners who have this issue, there is obviously a problem with the headlights used or the headlight assembly. Are you saying that we have to contiune paying for this ongoing repair? FYI - since purchasing the GV new in 2006 (currently have 130K on it), I have had to replace the audio unit and the fan and heater coil. Now I have to continue paying for the headlights. Not impressed. From them: We regret that you are not satisfied with our response, however the information is accurate. We thank you for sharing your concerns and allowing us the opportunity to respond. Regards, SCI Customer Service | SCI Customer Service |Suzuki Canada Inc. - dn 100 East Beaver Creek RoadRichmond Hill, ON Canada L4B 1J6': 905-889-2677 EXT 2254 | |; From me: If Suzuki wanted to do the right thing, it would at least cover the cost(s) of the bulb replacement. Poor quality ultimately leads to poor sales.
Problem Reported: Low Beam Head Light
November 24, 2010, 06:24 PM
<p>There are many reports of low beam head light bulbs burning out prematurely. As of this writing Suzuki has not released a service bulletin addressing this issue. Using only high quality replacement bulbs, and extra care not to touch the bulb surface when handling the new bulb can help extend the life of the replacement bulbs.</p>
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