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Question Asked: SSV valve diagnosis during repair of vehicle
November 30, 2010, 11:25 AM
My 2004 RX8 unfortunately ran over a tire tread lost by a car on the highway 2 weeks ago. Traveling at highway speeds, 9pm at night with traffic I was unable to avoid hitting the tread and ran completely over it. My car immediately made a hissing sound and I exited off beltway to a gas station to take a look. The entire spoiler was snapped in half, the air conditioner condenser was damaged and thankfully the bodyshop said that was it. However, while repairing my car, the check engine light came on and the bodyshop said a code came up whereby the throttle body flap was loose. I refused to pick up my car until engine light was off b/c I was having no problems before this incident. A mazda dealership has looked at it since and upon inspection "the tech found code P2070 SSV valve needs to be replaced to age and mileage of vehicle." My question is this-- Could the throttle body (buterfly flap)have become loose upon impact of hitting a tire tread head-on @ 60 mph? Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. Insurance company and bodyshop claim this problem is not a direct result of the accident. Thank you for your help.
Question Answered: Code U0100
November 30, 2010, 06:25 PM
If you do not properly warm up the 2004 rotary engine in this car ( and I mean actually driving it) until proper driving temp, it will flood. Happened to me 2 times within 3 months. The first time I didn't know better and just let it idle to warm. 2nd time my friend was convinced he could move it from outside the garage to inside the garage in a snowstorm. The second time around, I learned how to deflood my own engine b/c repairs are about $700-800 :-( to basically replace 4 spark plugs.
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