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I like to drive and maintain my own car(s). This forum will help me; not only saving money on repairs but to better know how cars work. And hopefully, my questioning may help others that may have the same issues. Thank you.
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Question Asked: How to unstuck accelerator pedal?
October 28, 2010, 05:12 PM
Car was not driven for approx. 5 months. Started it up; no problem. During idling approx. a couple minutes; the engine began to rev up and then down, between 1K - 2K; in which I turned the engine of. Repeated starting the engine again and after a minute or so; the reving started again. Parking brake was on, trans on Park. I tried to step on the accelerator but it appears to be 'stuck' despite the engine reving. Turned it off. Therefore, what is the problem and how do I resolve? Thank you.
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Car Review: 1999 Honda Accord
October 28, 2010, 08:16 PM
I had bought my Accord EX-L with approx. 39K on it, second-hand in July 2002. I had kept it up with the periodic oil changes; replacing timing belt, rotors/spark-plug wires, starter (recently), brake pads/rotors, and tires as needed. It was given a K&N Filtercharger a few years ago and noticed quicker pick-ups. I also use XLP brand (concentrated) fuel systems cleaner for extra boost for the regular gas I use here in CA. It makes the fuel burn much more efficiently and ups the mpg. Other than the parking lot combat it has sustained and the chrome finish chipping off the interior door handle; the car is a decent performer on our highways, looks good, and has great visibilty. However, I cannot say that about the other drivers. I now have approx. 205K it and I plan to be driving it for another 50K to100K more miles if everything stays together. Thanks.
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