Sway Bar End Link Rear

The sway bar (anti-roll bar) end links connect the sway bar to the suspension. One is located at each end of the sway bar. The rear links will be found on the sway bar at the rear of the vehicle.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Sway Bar End Link Rear

  • Rattling if worn
  • If broken, car will lean more when cornering
  • Clicking or knocking sound from suspension when going over bumps

Sway Bar End Link Rear Related Repair Advice

  • During an inspection, the repair shop may feel looseness in the link ends even though you didn't hear any noises. The sway bar links should be replaced at this time.
  • The sway bar bushings should be inspected and replaced as necessary if the sway bar end links are replaced
  • Unless other suspension components must be removed, replacing the sway bar, its bushings, and/or end links should not result in the need for a wheel alignment.

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