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Suzuki Sidekick (9 Reviews)
May 1991 Brought the Sidekick, been use for pulling a tent trailer and small hunting boat over the years. Now the last 8 years only for the winter,Love the snow, other then few normal is a 160,000 mile relable car.
because i bought it used, there were a million things that needed attention and tending to, but i love my car as if it was a person however, the owners before me did not take care of it properly. This means i am stuck with all the "medical" bills. Other than its occasional repairs, it is a very reliable and resilient car.
This vehicle has worked great for me.I've had it for three years and have only replaced the
exhaust system, the water & fuel pump.The engine is powerful enough and I am getting around thirty one mpg city no complaints on the fuel economy.The steering and suspension are great and so is the four wheel drive.I've never gotten stuck even in deep
It is too funny to drive, but the engine has not enough trque to a great pick up. On close turns is fantastic, the best optinios for women doing u turn. In the highway is not the best, and also a gas spender. Doing 4x4 is good for steering but needs some xtr torque. I fu are a sporty person it will fit , if you are a racer forget about it. Pulling jetsky or a small boat it's fabouluos, wildlife lover die for it.. just try and then take your choise.
A great vehicle. Have had it for 15 years and very little repair. Change oil and you're good to go. I have had problems with door handles inside, they fall apart, so I stopped changing them. That' one complaint I have, cheap components of the door handle!
i loved this lil car but its expensive to fix and had to many prblems to fix
first car, really liked
it very relible!
This Car has it's Pros and it's Cons. It was driven for 11 Years on a regular basis then sat for another 3 Years without being worked on at all, Before it was in my Hands. Despite going through some of the roughest Winters and most of the problems coming from the Engine...The old dog never croaked over. The Interior holds up nice, Almost no problems with the Brakes, Suspension & Steering, Transmission, Electrical, and it mows right through Snow. Rusted around the gas tank pretty badly and the AC stop working. But Overall a good sturdy Car gets you from Point A to Point B and is very good on gas too. I'm currently getting these problems checked out and fixed also.
I am still driving this car after owning it for 7 years. I have made one major repair, in 2008, for a rebuilt transmission (manual). Everything else is working very well, just routine maintenance. I was never notified of the recall for the strut problem, but will have it checked out. Thanks.