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Suzuki Aerio (5 Reviews)
I dont now wear is the Fan relay of my suzuki Aereo 2005 i dont have my manuel book pleace sen mi a foto wear it email is Gracias Peter F.Hernandez
My 2002 suzuki aerio has been such a great car. After 10 yrs of virtually no engine problems, I now face having to replace the MAF sensor unit due to an engine stalling issue. My problem now, is trying to locate the part without having to purchase the whole MAF UNIT which runs $1400 direct from the dealer. Aftermarket parts are available & sold as the sensor only but it does not fit my car! Can anyone please HELP with some advice?...
I have 114,000 miles on my 2006 Aerio and it's one of, if not the, best cars I've ever owned. Only challenge is keeping it in brake pads! Finally switched to ceramics and they last longer. No engine problems, no tranny problems, no "old age" creaks, groans or strange noises. I love my Suzuki!
I have a 2006 aerio, and the car is great. I have 85,000 miles on the car, and outside of normal wear and tear, the car has had little if any problems. Very reliable, has all wheel drive, and despite it being 4 years old, it still looks like the newer models coming out. I expect to have this car well over 180,000 miles
My wife owns a 2003 Suzuki Aerio and it is very reliable, the car will last long time if given routine maintenance.