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Subaru Impreza (12 Reviews)
I bought my 95 Impreza from the original owner and I've had it for 3 yrs. The front and rear boots and axles, starter and alternator have been replaced between 150,000 and 180,000 miles. I throw my kayak on top and head for mountain lakes whenever I can and my Subaru is up for anything. I'm a single woman who has owned many cars, but by far, my Subaru has out shined them all. The handling and suspension are right there. It's a car I feel safe in and have fun driving. Here's to anther 150,000!
I've just bought this car but it run good, little bit of lifter noise and it wont pass smog the hydrocarbon levels are 161 out of 130 but i can't find a scan tool for it so just saving to put it in the shop.Overall i really enjoy this car and have many plans for it.
I bought the 2008 2.5i hatchback with a 5-spd manual transmission. The car is very good. Excellent mileage considering the engine hasn't been retooled in 22 years, and a 5-spd. The ride is a little soft, but it makes the ride nice for long trips and bumpy roads (construction too).

The stereo is junk, but Subaru offers an 8-inch sub with an integrated amp that fits under the driver seats. This fixes the majority of tone issues. There is a lot of road noise, but you get what you pay for.

Steering is the new electronic system, no more hydraulic, which I'm not fond of. It's too soft and artificial feeling.

Of all things wrong with this car, there is more right. The seats are comfortable, the back seats fold down, a roof rack is cheap, the AWD is incredible in all situations, the boxer engine just adds to the handling and performance, etc. The car is worth every penny.
I recently purchased a 2010 Subaru Impreza 2.5I premium 5 door with manual trans. I now have 9k miles on it and so far so good mechanically. The entire drive train is broken in and running very smoothly. I am averaging 29.6mpg. Acceleration is very good. The four wheel drive is AMAZING in all conditions. The car is very roomy and has alot of usable space. The are a few small things I didn't like. The suspension is soft and tends to amplify body roll. The premium stereo is just o.k. and the front seet is not that compfortable on longer trips. I added a set of sway bars from Rallitek and WOW what a difference. I purchased this car because it had a lot to offer for the money and with the addition of the sway bars I am overall very happy with it. I can't wait to drive in the snow. I'll report back after five and again around ten years.
Car is fun to drive, carries a lot of stuff, and is quicker than most other cars out there...Need I say more?
No major or minor problems / issues. A little noisy at higher speeds. Surprising low-end torque... takes hills with ease.
Over all good car. But the manual transmission doesnt go into reverse sometimes the first time I try putting it in first. Besides that awesome car.
Sharp looking car; can't beat the AWD in FL afternoon rain showers. Miss the extra HP from the WRX but not the speeding tkts. Have only had normal wear on brakes/tires etc. AC has acted up recently. I'm over 6'2" and comfortable driving it for hours. Just wished rear seat would fold down for larger items needing to be transported.
Mine was a WRX STI. This car was a monster. It was crazy fast and handled extremely well. The problem was that I needed a daily driver. This car is just too much to drive to and from work every day. It is a 300hp beast. It got about 13mpg too so it was not good for my 90 mile round trip commute. I didn't have any issues with reliability though. The car was a ready to go racecar. No hiccups or anything.
I had the WRX version of this car and it was awesome. I had it for 3 years with no problems at all. My only complaint is that the car felt "cheap" but it drove beautifully and never needed any repairs.
not very fast but looks like it is.
hard to find a fast 4dr that has this much value for the money it takes to buy it and maintain it.