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Saab 9-7x (2 Reviews)
Model 5.3

*side curtain airbags went off by themselves, replaced by Saab
*windshield cracked by itself, replaced by Saab
*inoperative headlight lens wipers, repaired by Sabb
*driver's electric seat inoperative, repaired by Saab
*radio & navigation system, heating & A/C controls inoperative, replaced by Saab

Overall, a lemon, a piece of junk. Was on a 27 mo. lease was was glad to dump it.
Had an '01 Lexus RX300 before this. I like the ride and handling in the Trollblazer much better. This is a really underrated vehicle. It's built on the GMT 360 platform like the Tailblazer and Envoy (and others), but the handling and ride were modified by Saab engineers. It sitts about 1 inch lower. The interior is excellent!

It has proven to be a very solid car. The only significant issue has been the power windows in sub zero temps. The don't like to come back up in really cold times at parking ramps and drive throughs.

Good in the snow.