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2001 Volkswagen Passat (6 Reviews)
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I get unsolicited comments from people on what a good looking car I have...why is that? I don't know but it is good looking and of course I would say that. I bought it for $3600 with 170,000 miles. It's one of the best driving cars I've ever owned and has all the right creature comforts. I hope it runs forever...the turbo is sweet and the Monsoon audio is better than my living room stereo.
I prefer rear wheel drive but this vehicle handles well enough to feel comfortable in curves and at 85+ highway speeds. The A/C is great...can't say that for the heater which can take 5 miles of driving or more to warm up. I had the auto-door locking feature disabled and my life is much better for it. I would recommentd this car to anyone who likes well built cars and the luxury of a sculpted leather interior and superior performance.
I bought this car in 2005 with 42,000. I paid $17,200. I now have 160,000 miles and it has been a fabulous car. I replaced the timing belt at 90,000 and the brakes at 120,000. I have replaced summer tires once and just bought my second set of snow tires. The car rides like new. Tight steering, smooth and quiet ride. Plenty of power. Since day one it has been prone to leaking a little oil. Turns out it is an oil seal that requires major labor expenses to get to. I add a quart of oil between changes. It is a pretty inexpensive solution. I agree the dealer is an expensive way to keep the car maintained, but I have a local guy who is capable. I have a couple of big ticket items coming up. Catalytic converters, and soon another new timing belt. Also, the struts can't last for ever, although they seem fine right now. Those will all total about $2800. But they are maintenance items, not something "going wrong". I am hoping to get 300,000 miles out of the car. The body and paint are perfect.
The best value car I've had in 25 years.
It gives you the best bang for your $.

Look after your Passat and she will look after you.

My drivers door lock is the only problem I've had in 8 years.
I thought this car was amazing when i bought it. It got the new body style, all the options, and 106,000 miles for 8,400 dollars. I had my nice car for the first time ever, and then started realizing just how horrible of a car it was. It had a lot of perks and nice things about it. But all those things hid the fact that the car was expensive to fix, and wasn't worth much. The steering was giving me all sorts of problems, and the windows decided when they wanted to work. part of the dash readout decided when the lights wanted to fade and not show me all my mileage and everything. There were noises in the suspension that were checked by 3 shops. Each said there was no problem, just an annoyance. Small parts broke here and there as well. The kicker is that the car was actually not worth much at all. At it's mileage I could hardly get 5,000 out of it. for trade in, they wanted to give me 2,000. I finally got a family friend to give me the 5,000 because I needed out. oh, and a 5 dollar gasket for the turbo cost 200 to replace.
Compared to the Audi A4 this a lot of car for the money.A few electrical problems...the flashers quit , door remote problem.The check engine light came on twice.Replaced coolant sensor and a spark plug wire to fix.Brakes have been replaced front and rear.
Mechanically other than maintenance I've done the axle boots.
Very comfortable around town and on the road.OK by me.
Worst brakes in any car I have owned. AC is nothing to brag about but this may be age.
The area for the driver's feet is very small/cramped and the gas and brake pedals are too close. Seat adjustment is a hassle and a pain when we change drivers.