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2006 Volkswagen Jetta (29 Reviews)
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2006 Jetta 2.5 does not have as many problems as my Passat wagon which caught on fire while I was driving it due to the faulty heat shield. VW repaired it only to have it fall off on a major interstate which almost got myself and others killed. After that fire EVERYTHING went wrong with that car which cost thousands.
You would think I would never buy VW again..with all its faulty wire harness issues ( and there are many), the faulty trunk and gas cap latch, The windows that roll down instead of up, the lights that need replaced constantly and the headliner which is ridiculous to repair, I still think its a better car than a lot of the cars out there when they begin to get older. ITs a car that holds some value and will last a bit. They all have issues. All cars, they are made cheap and cost a fortune...but thats all cars until you get to a higher end car which VW is not anymore.
On the class action lawsuit..Im still waiting for payment. Your claim had to be filed by September 24th and it settled in December 2014. VW will pay or do what it wants. The attorneys have been paid by VW and the car company hasn't paid a dime to the non-appearing Plaintiffs, even with a valid claim.
Second tdi. 03 had much better mileage. I bought 06 new; brought it in from Tampa to California.
While under warranty I took it to the dealer several times when it just wouldn't turn over. Dealer never found a problem, kept it for days.
Headliner fell out @ 60k miles. Buttons bubbled on all the instruments & to fix the bad paint they want to replace everything. Absurd. The steering wheel melted, just began disintegrating. Now I've replaced both switches on the front windows. Each time they have to disassemble the entire door... $300 a pop.... now I'm replacing both motors and regulators in each door... $709 + tax per door. Air conditioner has had 6 filters and it blows when the new filter is in but one has to be going over 50 mph steady for it to begin cooling. If the outside temp. is over 85 degrees, it takes 20 minutes to begin cooling. After 90 degrees, it stops cooling. The only time I use the air conditioner is when it's over 90, so I'm so screwed. VW worked on it, but no results. I had to take it to an air conditioner specialist to get it replaced. I change the oil ever 3500 miles and perform all regular maintenance. I do not mind timing belts every 70k or replacing bulbs, but replacing the same bulb in the same fixture every year, really? The heat seats are awesome, but how often do i need them in southern California?
I should never have sold the 03 tdi. It just got broken in at 50k miles… mpg actually improved to 48mpg from 42mpg. It really held it’s value as well, but this car…. I love diesels. But all these “little things” have added up to $5896. That amount does NOT include the regular maintenance items, oil changes, brakes, timing belts, tires etc. That is what it has cost to repair the structural problems. I did include the new headlamp covers. They were treated twice and I eventually just replaced them. It was the first time I did not have to buy an entire item, in this case the headlamp, to replace the cheap plastic. My speedometer plastic is scratched and I wanted to replace the plastic as I had cleaned it with something that melted it…. I think i used acetone... don't ;) And they told me I would have to replace the whole part. I could have gotten new doors for what they have charged me to fix the ones I have. VW dealer told me to trade it. They said they’ve fixed all the problems I was having. I don’t want a new car. I want this car to be right.
I bought my son an 04 tdi wagon 5 years ago. It was made in Germany, all leather. It gets over 42mpg consistently and has none of the issues my Mexican Jetta has. So, if you want a diesel, the Golf is made in Germany. Just know that VW will NEVER do anything for their consumers no matter how loyal they have been nor how blatantly defective their product is produced.
for those of u who had wiring harness issue there is a class action law suit ... visit fot the issues with cv boots visit and file a complaint... lets have these manufactures fix the faulty cars they sold us
TDI 2006, too many fixes including clutch, door wiring harness, secondary fuel pump, under body rubbers, hoses and motor camshaft
Currently at 214,000 miles had minor issues. Two differant hoses, clutch and sensor for the exhaust. Currently the airbag light is on, been reset once after 3 months back on, dealer claims it the airbag controler but they tested it and is came passed all the tests.
I have replaced the engine after the timing belt leaped off. The radio keeps going into safe mode.VW never gave me the code with the radio. They now cliam to have to remove the radio to get the code. I will not be buying a VW ever again. when this one dies I will park it in front of Mayer VW of Larchmont and leave it there.
The car also locked the doors with my nephew in the car with the car off, while he was in the car seat. We had to break the window. VW says the car it fine.
I have owned my Jetta TDI 2006 since new. This is my second stab and final one at owning a VW Jetta (04 was a disaster). So far I have replaced the following parts;
Rad hoses (twice)
Both cooling fans
Cabin fan (twice)
Fan relay
All 4 wheel bearings
Timing belt and water pump (twice)
Light bulbs by the dozen
Hood closure switch
All brakes
Now it's the door harness and sunroof opening by itself that are the next repairs if I have any money left.

So tell me, where are the supposed savings by owning a TDI vs gas? :(
Good Bye VW
The Volkswagon dealership has always said the check engine light is no big deal ,they dont know whats wrong. The headliner and cooling fans go when the warranty is over. Soon after the a/c compressor follows. Drives great despite being mainly junk.
I bought a 2006 Value Edition new and have had a number of problems, but most were covered by the 5 year warranty. The first problem was the rubber coating on the radio bubbling up, but warranty replaced it. Next was the headliner falling out, warranty fixed. Then trunk latch quit working, covered by warranty.And then the catalytic converter, also covered. After the warranty expired the driver window was having trouble going uo and down. VW said they would gladly replace it for $500. I managed to fix it with some $2.00 wire connectors and some online help. I think the auxilary fan went out and that cost about $500. And now something is wrong with the cv boots. But I have 97,000 miles on it and it still runs like new,although it does take 10 minutes for the a/c to cool. Overall I like it, it is the best car I have owned.
Purchased used at 65K its now at 104K

I have had no major issues just a crack in the coolant tank. LOVE EVERYTHING ELSE! I follow my recomended maintenance schedule religiously! Oil change every 5k

VW for life!
Got the car in Nov 2006. Has been a pile since day one. Everything seems to break on it. I'm thinking of selling now, tired of pumping $ into it. I'll never buy VW again. German engineering my a$$
We have had two 2006 VW Jetta TDI's. The mileage was great. We sold our daughter's car with 75,000 miles on it because it would die at traffic lights. Our daughter would have to turn the car completely off and turn it back on to get it to go. This was not safe for a single girl in St. Louis. An independent shop said it was the transmission. VW and their dealerships could not find a problem. They didn't believe our daughter, even though it happened 4 times in 2 weeks. VW would NOT work with us. We sold her car for a 2012 Honda Pilot. She is much happier. The second Jetta has 77,000 miles on it and now the compressor is going out. We don't have an option, we have to get it fixed. The estimate is $700. Will we buy another VW? NEVER! It takes forever to get cool in the summer. VW is not loyal to their customers. We will no longer be loyal to them.
Has anyone else been approached by VW to buyback their 06 Jetta due to a faulty passenger side airbag system?
Purchase new 2006 Jetta tdi loaded. 176000 kms latter And over 6000.oo of mechanical repairs all done by Owasco V.W. It seems nothing is warranty.All services done as per V.W. schedule in service book.90% highway driving, Driven by owner only. Any savings on fuel was spent three times over on the worst vehicle
I have ever owned

Gord Graham (
Unfortunately I recently bought a 2006 VW Jetta 2.5L. I've had the same problem as many of you have posted here for the malfunction of the driver's door harness/wiring defectiveness, therefore they want me to change the whole wiring system for $500 plus the horn stopped working all of the sudden and that is $253 and the lights keep burning like every 4 months! POS! Wish I had known this info before I bought this crap! I am sure no one will give me what I paid for this car.
Bought the car as the second owner at 2 years old, have had it nearly 3 years now. This was my first, and last, VW.

Had the main harness in the door go, they made me pay for that. I've now started having interior trim pieces just falling off, the headliner is peeling, getting the verdict on that tomorrow. The trunk and the hood will only sporadically latch when temps are low, the gas door hardly opens, EVER, need to peel it open with my fingernail. The sunroof will open on its own every so often in the winter months.

Car drives great and is very mechanically sound, but the interior and body on this car SUCK! Never will I buy another VW. Not to mention the stupid cowl they put over the engine, what a pain in the ass, just trying to drive up service costs and keep their dealerships alive obviously.
We have had this car for about 4 years, and it sucks
I bought this car new and have never had so many problems with a vehicle before. The car runs great and is very mechanically sound, but the nuisance issues have made owning this car a headache. So far I've had to replace the A/C Compressor (covered under warranty as VW admitted a problem with the part - told it would have been $3200 to repair), the drivers door wiring harness ($600), the sunroof (one cable broke and they had to replace the entire thing - $1800), and the drivers side window control switch ($150). I also have had problems with the Check Engine light and Transmission Light coming off but they're never able to identify a problem. I have given up on it and have driven for 30,000+ miles just ignoring it. The VW dealership acts like it's no big deal (like replacing a sunroof for $1800 is normal!!) and is incredibly arrogant in addressing my concerns. I will never again purchase a VW.
Bought new. Now has 106,000 on it and I've had it in the shop for the harness/driver door, which had to be replaced, CV boots and the compressor has gone out now. It has had the lights replaced many times, seems they burn out every two months or so. Just replaced the battery. Have kept synthetic oil in it every 10,000 miles. VERY mechanically sound. Drives like a BMW or Benz. It is a 5 cylinder automatic 2.5. Plastic pieces inside have become brittle and break/peel in Oklahoma heat. I'm about half scared to keep the car further, due to the cost of mechanical repairs, if they are needed in the near future.
I have had to replace the clutch at 60,000 and now a broken wire in the driver side door wire harness. Can not open the gas door when wire broke so had to tear out the right side trunk paneling to manually open gas door. I understand that both the clutch and the harness are chronic problems, but VW offers no compensation and charges you FULL price for the parts. Over $1100 for the clutch parts and $195 for the harness.
I've had my 2006 VW jetta GLI for going on 5 yrs it has had problems with it starting a month after I bought it with power steering going out. The dealership kept my car for 2 months for steering wheel replacement. I've had numerous electrical problems check engine lights going on and off the airbag lights going on and off pretty much every light in the car doing the same thing. VW has told me the same crap for the duration of the car. Sir it was caused by a phantom code. This time the phantom code caused the wiring harness to take a crap with only 71,000 miles on the car. With all regular scheduled maitanence done to the car. As a firefighter/medic I need reliability to get to work Volkswagen isn't it. I'm very dissatisfied from the service as well as dealing with the third party warranty for platinum coverage to 100,000 miles. Between VW and the warranty company I would say I've been ripped off alot frustration dealing with a car they don't want to do their jobs. How do you think people would react if I said I didn't want to do my job i wouldn't ever do that but pretty scary thought don't ya think? I have paid my car off total times in the shop over 30 times cost out of my own pocket even if you have warranty 108.00 every time the car is looked at not including the problem. Time missed from work cannot be replaced. I've found out it doesn't matter who you are people will still try and take advantage of others no matter what the cost. I for one will never buy a VW again.
I am 48. I drive a lot and understand design and engineering to a certain degree. I have never had a car with so many little problems that were so expensive to fix nor have I dealt with a company so arrogant as VW. They finally admitted to the design flaw that caused the driver door wiring harness to fail but offered nothing, not even an apology. Good luck to you if yoiu own one of these.
bought it new. 2.0t package3 . the a/c is mid range, takes at least 10 cool on hot oklahoma days even with extra window tint. Seats are for short trips, lacking luxury padding. would not buy another. overall a 3 star rating
This car sucks. I've had it for 4 years. It's left me sitting, I've replaced the axel joints twice, and now the catalytic converter is out. MONEY PIT. BUY JAPAN!
I bought my 5 speed TDI when the new body style came out in 2005. I knew it would be a long -term car and had owned a few Passats in my past. The car is still a wonderful beautiful car and my mileage is unbelievable, of course.I have 80000 miles on the sweet thing and I love driving it.
Interesting car. Oil changes are expensive. Def has get up and go. A/C is not the best. Seat heaters make up for chilly mornings. Takes forever it cool at 89+. So far no issues in winter. Rips down 95 and keeps up with the beamers and other lux cars. So far I love it. Had it for 3 years now and no major issues. Will see after she comes out of warranty.
My wife bought a Toyota Camry at the same time and it stacks up fairly similar to hers. The only problems I've had with it is that the heating in the winter time takes FOREVER to get going. It's a challenge to not fog up the inside of the windows when it's extremely muggy outside. Also, the plastic on the radio buttons started bubbling up and essentially tore off after only a year and a half of having the car. No major problems, at least not through 65K.
I have had this car for over a month now. It is difficult to regulate the heat inside the vehicle. The climate control is very sensitive. It goes from cold to hot too easily. There seems to be no middle. Everything else is just great. A little more expensive to service than I had anticipated, but still a VW lover.
I've returned religiuosly to the dealership with a rear defroster issue that is now causing the fuse box to catch fire and melt. The car has been in 8 times for the same problem and I have contacted VW directly and am still waiting on a response.