2003 Volkswagen Jetta Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Volkswagen Jetta owners review and rate their 2003 Volkswagen Jetta.

2003 Volkswagen Jetta (9 Reviews)
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I have owed my 2003 vw GLI V6 for 4 years i put on 82k a this is the best VW ever I have owned 4 vw and this is the best VW V6 lots of power NO timming Belt!!! Great Car !!!
1.8 Turbo Jetta Wagon Made in Germany, runs like a fine clock. 88K miles, no problems.
Bought it used 4yrs ago and spent $0 on repairs it cost me more in speeding tickets than anything else. Just a fun little car that handles great, good.on gas. Top Speed-125mph not bad for the 2.0L-Only bad thing is my wife keeps buggin me to give her car back.
Continuos electrical problems. Many problems have been brought up to VW but they have a big lack of concern. Engine coils, Electrical shorts, leaks. This car of mine just caught fire. Ill never own another VW.
Bought used in 2005 at 45,000 miles. Has 97,000 miles now (2010) and the only thing that I've had a problem with is the water pump. It went out once and I had it replaced. Then it went out again 2 years later, but I think that was probably due to the mechanic not properly inserting it. It wouldn't have been such a big deal if it hadn't cost about $400 both times it went out. No other major issues except it seems to loose about half a quart of oil between oil changes. I've read and heard from many people that this is a normal "issue" for 2003 jetta's so I just deal with it (I use lucas oil treatment along with the oil and it seems to help). It's been a very good car for these last 5 years and hopefully it will continue for years to come.
I HATE this car!!! Have spent thousands on it! I have had it 3 years and something is always going wrong. Fuel pump problems, electrical, fuse, lights, AC and wheel bearing issues. It only has 56k miles.
no problems
love the T.D.I. but it's too low in the front. It catches on curbs.
TDI. 86K miles. Lifetime avg. gas mileage 47 mpg. Town 43 - Hwy 50+. Only negative was in front spoiler design - too low clearance so that catches on objects such as concrete parking stops resulting in detaching spoiler from body. newer models appear to have corrected this deficiency. Had to replace malfunctioning radio under 50K warranty. Glow plugs replaced at 68K miles. Good car!