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2006 Volkswagen Beetle (3 Reviews)
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My very first car: a 2006 VW Beetle. About 101,000 on it when I bought it. I got into a small fender bender back in early April that required me to change the headlight and replace the front bumper. No problems. Except this is November now.And I am still having issues. Replacing the headlight took several months (because the first headlight replacement fell out in traffic on the feeder) and I still often get pulled over because it's gone out, and I have to demonstrate to the police that I have to either push or kick it back into place. I am constantly coming out of pocket for repairs - so often that I can't afford to pay off the car, nor can I save up any money for anything else. By now, I've paid more in repairs than the worth of the car itself. Nobody wants to do anything to try and do extensive repairs on it except for Volkswagen dealerships (which I can't afford). A mechanic actually told me that I essentially punched a hole in my wallet by purchasing a Volkswagen, because once they start having issues, they just keep piling up and never go away. I can't see myself ever purchasing one again, much less recommending one to a friend.
It's my 2nd Beetle and it has 270,000 miles but it was a terrible car compare with my first Beetle 2002.
Car was not well done from the beginning and service would not help much as all problems never were fixed (just short term fix). To make long story short the car was falling apart from the beginning despite that I do take good care of my car.
I do not think I'll buy VW Beetle again. Very much disappointed !