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2004 Volkswagen Beetle (2 Reviews)
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I bought my used 2004 Turbo S with 85,000 miles on it. I bought it because I also own a 2002 Turbo S that I love. Well the cars look almost identical but the second you get into the 2004 you can tell something is different. I looks nice, but it doesn't feel nearly as solid a car as the 2002. Actually feels downright cheap by comparison. My 2002 is a little monster in disguise on the road. It's far more powerful than a person would guess and it has a solid sports car feel to it that I love. Anyone who drives it immediately gets why I love the car so much... the 2004 just isn't the same. Not sure why. While the 2004 is faster and more fun than a regular New Beetle (I also has a 2000 New Beetle with no turbo), its not nearly the ride of my 2002 Turbo S. It just doesn't seem to have the same heart.

All three VWs have had serious Body/interior etc issues as they pretty much fall apart. The 2002 is NOT a pretty car anymore. The 2004 looks better, but I don't expect that to last. At all. Things just break on these cars.

My 2004 already has a clutch issue, and the suspension sounds like a squeaky bed. I researched the history of this car and its clean but I suspect that I don't know everything. It's either that or VW just seriously cheaped out after 2002. It's kind of a let down.

If you buy any VW these days, just be warned, Mr. Check Engine Light will be your new eternal sidekick. This was true of all three of my New Beetles. Half the time it's nothing serious but that light is constantly going on and off. So in summary, in spite of typical cosmetic/body/interior issues and engine light fun with VWs, I LOVED my 2000 and my 2002 enough to buy a third new beetle. I haven't had my 2004 for long but I'm not nearly as thrilled. I have owned 5 VWs over the years. (My first car was a 1970 Beetle that I drove for 11 years and later I owned a 1972 Super Beetle that I loved.) I'm a bit of an enthusiast and will put up with some quirks, obviously, but after purchasing my 2004 I'm thinking this will be my last NEW VW.
I had a 2004 New Beetle convertible with the turbo and automatic. The things I liked: very quiet on the hwy. for a small convertible, I'm 6' and I found the seats to be comfortable and plenty of leg room up front, good performance for what it is. What I did not like: power window regulator failure (rear quarter cost $750.00 to replace) - VW is known for window regulator problems, top mechanism failure - if you are going to buy the convertible, buy a later model starting with an 06 - note: I used to work as an auto trimmer and one of my jobs was to install convertible tops and in my opinion this top on the earlier models is problematic due to poor design, also related to the top - the top can develop a rattle at the point where it connects to the windshield header, overall the interior looks upscale - but looks are deceiving - the plastics are low grade and trim and accessories can easily brake under normal use, radio - so-so, battery and headlight bulb replacement - a pain in the $%^^. I bougnt the car with 16000 miles on it and sold it with 31000 mi. on it. I did enjoy driving it. But after owning it for a while I came to the realization that at the very least I would be fixing the little things that kept breaking.