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2000 Volkswagen Beetle (6 Reviews)
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Make & Model: 2000 VW GLS 2.0L

I can drive 2 to 5 miles. Park the car, then come back within 10 to 15 minutes and it'll crank strong but not start up. Even had 4 guys try to give me a push start the last time but it just wouldn't start. The time before that a friend tried jumping the battery even though it wasn't dead but nothing. In the end, after giving up and just letting it sit still for about 30 minutes, I can start it up, and it will run strong all the way back home. If I try to start it up again immediately after getting home, it will. Any one else had this problem? It runs great, doesn't stall out OR seem under powered either. Please advise for solution.
I have had two 2000 beetles...they both were used when I got them. I always wanted one since I was little. The problem is they break down so much..and everything is so expensive to fix. Even replacing a headlight bulb is expensive. My second one is in the shop right now...I am praying it will last till Spring then I am buying a brand new car and not a husband said he would leave me if I bought another one. LOL
I bought my 2000 V/W beattle brand new but I had problems with it as soon as I put it on the road the coolong light come on have taking it to the dealer and so they said is fix that light is back on now I TOOK IT TO ATHENS V/W FOR OIL CHANGE THE CAR WAS GIVING ME PROBLEMS"after so many miles driven the car didn't want to start here comes and certified mechanic that my husband knows check the oil and guess what oil hs not been change for awhile,giving my money to the dealer and they never change my oil,filter and everything else that is include it,now the oil line is starting to cumulate some kind of greasy form and water I HAVE PAID HIGH DOLLARS TO HAVE MY CAR IN GOOD SHAP AND THE DEALER HAS RUIN MY CAR.... now the engine lite comes on in other words what I thought it was going to be my toy it has turn dow to a nitmare,no more V/w for me and no more dealers this goes to Jim Ellis and V/W of athens they suck and dont do the job just take your money.
bought this car in 2004 with 36000 miles, have had nothing major go wrong except for headlights went out twice and needed cv joints after 206000 miles, the key to this car is to find a good NON dealership mechanic that will do the work reaonable and do regular oil changes and it will go forever,,,, love my car. cosmetically the interior is rather cheaply made , the plastic knobs will break after time, but it still runs like a top
This is a great little car. The 2.0L 5 speed has lots of power. However the electrical system overall leaves alot to be desired, from the CEL coming on intermittently to the dashboard and interior lights wacking out. I rated the body a 3 because if lights need to be replaced, the whole front clip has to come off. HASSLE!
I LOVE my car! It has been a great run with 123,000 and counting. Yes there were some electric window issues...but an all electric model will have this after a while I'm thinking. Replacing the headlamps are an expensive pain but have only replaced them once. Heat is fantastic and air conditioning is still freezing which is a good thing! No drive train troubles, suspension, steering, exhaust and emmissions trouble either. For a 9 year old is amazing. LOVE this car and hope to get 200K out of it. So far so good! Minor issues due to age....that is a given.