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2003 Toyota Sequoia owners review and rate their 2003 Toyota Sequoia.

2003 Toyota Sequoia (4 Reviews)
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Great dependable truck has the 4WD still a comfortable refined sport utility the kids are grown but I can't sell it because it's a great SUV. I do get brakes and calipers replaced offer also heard about recall with the ball joints on Sequoias so took to dealer for a fix. Since its older now found an reliable mechanic who does great repairs on my Sequoia driving it now at 218,000 miles never have had issues with nothing it does drink a lot of gas but totally a dependable horseman
We bought our Sequoia brand new in 03. We have never had any trouble with it until now. I understand the brake and timming belt need to be replaced. That is normal wear and tear maint. However recently tht TRAC OFF and the VSC TRAC lights have come on. I took it to the dealership yesterday and for the repairs they want $2500. They say I need a new brake booster and ECU for the ABS. I did not get it fixed because this is a reocurring theme with this year model. I have read no less than 20 reviews with this problem this morning. I am sure there are more out there. Now if this keeps happening shouldnt this be a recall.
This SUV is the superior vehicle
Bessie 2003, Love my sequoia, however I've had nothing but Skid Control & Brake Booster problems, in for service three (3) times, still have the problem. My warranty company will not pay anymore. maybe it the dealership not doing their repairs correctly. Other than that no problem. only have 72,000 miles on Bessie.