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2004 Pontiac Vibe (10 Reviews)
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I made huge mistake buying my Vibe. We bought this junk on 11/2003 now has 120,000 with three transmissions and U-joint going out again makes 6th replacement. I was in a bad wreck with my Vibe a year later on but after three years owned it became a lemon nothing but problems. Now see why General Motors took Pontiacs off the assemble line because they are completely junk. Well know wouldn't have to worry about getting another because we are looking to trade or have some teenagers just sit ball fires to this thing in lots of (applauds) spent so much on getting it fixed there is nothing what can be done anymore but just push it off the cliff until demolished for good in with little pieces of metal.
My 04 Vibe has 270,000 miles. I do have the high rpm issues on cold mornings. I have changes the breaks, belt,both oxygen sensers ( computer still says the sensers are bad) not sure about that? Driver window makes noise when going down or up.Gas milage is less. Over all low maintanence and very dependable car. AC went out on me over the summer.
I have a power window problem, and a transmission problem with my 2004 Vibe. Power window sounds like it's about to shatter, and the transmission seeems to shift slowly and jam up, while shifting in reverse. I am stuggling to get Pontiac to authorize repairs. They will not acknowledge any responsibility, and have left me with a situation that is currently unresolved. Also, occasional rotten egg smell from the emission system. I would not buy another Pontiac Vibe.
2004 vibe, 160,000 miles. FANTASTIC VEHICLE!!!!!! wish I wldve bought a few extra vibes...have two teens. If I had a garage I wldve had an awesome paint job still....wore a lil, from snow, rain, heat, sleet, etc. Just AWESOME!!!!!!!! Headlights are worn and need replaced....but...
love this car 130000 miles and i have done front brakes,turned rear drums. i have changed oil every 3000 miles and of coarse tires every 500000 or so.
car is awd and rear axle seals are starting to seep. but i really wish i had bought two and put 1 away. even though i plan to see 250000 miles with this one. very happy vibe owner.
120,000 miles and still drives like new. We should have bought two. The car did go to the dealer 3 times for the apparent gas cap issue, but the problem finally went away. The passenger power window is starting to make noise when lowering, I'll probably just fix it myself. The white paint is starting to fade, but the car does sit in the Florida sun quite abit.
Love my Vibe. Very few problems. Great gas mileage
Great on gas! Part 2. ok, so I lied, after writing last review, I realized I have had one bugging problem during winter, or cold morning starts. Car will rev very high. Will rev for maybe 1 min high, then while at high rev will suddenly drop back to normal idle rpms, then slowly build back up and suddenly drop back. This process repeats while car warms up. ( I used to park outdoors). During that build up when car has just dropped and is slowly climbing back up to high rev it sounds like a snow plow is comming nearby, almost like an internal scraping of some kind.
Of coarse when u take car to GM it does not do it, cause car is not cold. Have left car overnight and showed up in morning to be with mechanic guy who especializes in that. They heard it, seen the rpms go high then drop suddenly down and slowly back up and so forth. (if you are sitting in car, you will feel car jolt some when it rapidly drops rpms.) and they said gm warranty would not cover any further work, as problem goes away after car has warmed up. So now my warranty is long over, and i forget during summer months how annoying this lawnmower engine can be. Still love the car. Past cars have needed a lot more maintenance and expenses compared with this one.

Tune up is cheaper than most, only spark plugs, pcv valve, air filters. Once changed a fan belt. Timing chain in this car, no timing belt to do. No distributor cap.
very good, very reliable car.
I have driven this car for 140,000 miles back and forth to work 6 days a week and it still runs like new. Never any problems with anything. Gets great gas mileage and is a blast to drive.