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2000 Pontiac Sunfire (3 Reviews)
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My fairly new wife bought this car new without power windows on purpose and demanded A/C (AZ) . After 11 years with it she grew weary of driving a stick shift and sold the car to me so I would have something nicer than my 34 year-old Chevy Monza.
I kept the Monza another year then tearfully parted ways with her (the Monza).
The wife had no other complaints about this car except the E-brake that never seemed to work well since new and the struggle to find 1st gear every time also since new. She never had time to return to Dealer for such minor flaws so on she went till handed over to me.
After researching one thing that bothered me about newer small cars, the timing belt-breaking-destryoing-engine issue, I was quite relieved to know the wife picked 'that green one' not knowing what it means to have gotten 'the green one' with the 2200 engine!
All the other engine options that were available had timing belts with overhead cams.
THIS ENGINE IS A PUSHROD AND TIMING CHAIN old school model with 100 horsepower.
I WAS VERY PLEASED TO KNOW THIS, no pistons blind-dating the valves on the drive home to Tucson from San Diego in the middle of the evening to go to work Monday.
The German 5-speed gearing is matched perfectly to the engine's power output.
I have to get thi wrapped up so the car is not perfect, ther are little things that can seem minor but detract from the car because they can stickout like a sore thumb at times such as :
# From time and use @ 12 years of ownership, the sun visor material is falling apart as is the sagging visor blocking vision with no replaceable part found. Still looking.
# The a/c directional vents fall apart and flop around inside partially blocking and totally divert air flow elsewhere but the still cold a/c gets the cabin cold even though I can't point the breeze right where I would like it. Compressor replaced at 160,000 miles/ $430. De-
finitely worth keeping longer.
# The problem with not easily finding 1st gear every time still persists, haven't encountered the fix yet but I can't lend my car out because the time that I did it cost me a
new clutch replacecement shortly afte getting it back @ 165,000
I bought this car brand new. I do ALOT of driving. The engine (a 2.4L) gave up when I ran it without water. I found out later that the so called mechanic I took it to didn't replace a leaking heater core and the system didn't alert the driver to low coolant it just let me know when the thing was too hot. I replaced the engine (the last engine I replaced was in a 1967 Chevy Truck) and it has been running like a top ever since. The front passenger wheel bearing went out when I hit a pot hole around 170,000 and the driver's side went out this week (200,000) but the engine is still going. I don't know the mileage on the current engine. It's a good car as long as you do the required maintenance on it and you have a mechanic can trust do do the mainteance.
junk bought it had it for 3 weeks and its idle stuck at 1500 rpm changed many parts nothing worked 4 months later came home from a 2 min drive shut it off came into house for a few hours and went to leave and wont start no dash lights wont roll over headlights work interior lights worked and flashers worked no starting tested the starter thats fine changed the ignition switch thats fine now yet still wont roll over with the key in.