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2006 Pontiac Grand Prix (3 Reviews)
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brake lights and turn signals on rear went out replaced fuse and still does not work
I bought this car as my 2nd Grand Prix, the first wasnt so great, had some issues with it, mainly heating problems, way too expensive to fix, but my 06 model is very much worth every penny, only issue ive had is with the headlights, this car handles great, rides good, & just an all around good car, I get many compliments on it, its nothing fancy, just a base model, but its still a very nice car.
Very tight and sensitive but not too sensitive steering. Handles very well. 65,000 miles and no major issues. Lived in Phoenix, AZ for 3 years. Desert heat and sun warped cowling on windshield, rub rail on driver's side door peeling off, dash rattled and vent inserts would occasionally pop out. Steering wheel column cover warped a little, and sun roof leaks now. Rattle disappeared and vent inserts don't pop out anymore after moving back to MN. Sun roof still leaks, but I suspect this to be an adjustment issue. Towed a 1,600lb U-Haul trailer from Phoenix to Flagstaff, up a steep mountain with minimal issues. Transmission got hot, but that was to be expected. No other issues. I love how when I burn out a turn signal, it notifies me on the in-dash screen of which turn signal went out. "Front Right Turn Signal Out" made it more convenient to trouble shoot then walking around my car. Rated at 20mpg city/30mpg highway, I can get 35mpg on the highway by setting cruise control at around 57mph (1,200rpms). Set at lower RPM's, car gets amazing fuel economy, displayed on the in-dash screen. Engine runs great, although maintenance can get tricky. Oil filter is in semi-strange location, passenger side of engine block, and above wheel . Air filter compartment is a challenge to open and replace air filter. Other wise easy to maintain. Overall, a great quality car and worth the purchase.