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2009 Nissan Versa (11 Reviews)
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I bought this car new in '09, and with my trade in I got it for $8050 with 1.8 miles on it. Being a "boy" and knowing manual transmissions are generally cheaper to repair, I got the 5 speed. To me the CVT trans was too new and not well tested yet. (I've been reading a lot of problems with the CVT in the past couple days.) My car now has 243,000 (yes I drive a ton, lol) miles on it and all i've done is regular maintenance; air filter, trans fluid changes, oil changes, coolant flushes, brakes, and tire replacements (just got onto the 4th set) and rotors once. Keep in mind i just drive it up and down the highway, and at 73 mph, I steadily get 38-39 mpg with fresh oil and air filter. I got the base model as I didn't want any problems with electric locks/windows/seat EVER! I used to be a Honda man, but maintenance is way cheaper than Honda in my experience (I've owed 3 civics, an accord and a prelude). My only complaint is that the AC compressor is small, and if your not moving you don't get the coldest air. The interior is economically built, but I expected that. back seats have some sun fade, but to me I just beat it up and down the highway anyway. I have had this car the longest of all of them, but I suspect that is because I got a new one and it wasn't beat on already and I take pretty good care of it. "Base" is the way to go for me, fewer components, fewer far the best car I have owned for the money spent!! Over seven years with this car and average monthly cost for me to date (without gas) with maintenance is right at $96/month. I just started getting some timing chain noise (chain rubbing the guides) and will be replacing that in the next week or 2.
We have owned our 2009 Nissan Versa for 2 years now...purchased it in June 2014. It has been a dream car. No problems whatsoever. All we have had to do is oil changes and get tires. We love it!! Best car we have ever had by far. It doesn't have a whole lot of power going up hills but it is a 4 cylinder. I would have to say it has been the perfect car for us. We have driven it 25,000 miles since purchase. We moved to an area where you need to travel over a steep mountain to get to civilization...and we have complete trust in this car.
I bought my 09 HB brand new within two months I had to get the rotors resurfaced. It was down hill from there. AC started making a noise, new battery, and of course the fabric on the doors came off. Rubber coming off the window on the rear door. Don't ever, ever, pay for a vehicle!!! Now, the brakes, rotors and tires are bad. Oh, I didn't say, I only have 28,000 miles on it!!!!
I have a 2009 Nissan Versa SL hatchback and this car SUCKS!!!!! The CVT transmission totally went out at 109,500 miles. It started making a loud whizzing sound, and over the course of the next few weeks it got progressively worse. I called the dealership in Apex NC and made an appointment, drove the car there, only to be told that I needed to pay them a $75.00 diagnostic fee. I had just lost my job and didn't have the money, so I left...and oh yea, I ended up almost getting killed on the way home and almost caused a massive car pile up when my car lurched from 70 to almost zero in like three seconds literally, then and wouldn't go above 20 MPH...all in rush hour traffic!!! Once I finally got it home and parked it that day, it never moved again. I tried backing it up after I parked it that day and it just revved like I was going to blow a head it has been sitting in my driveway in exactly the place I parked it for over a year now!!! A mechanic friend of mine told me CVT transmissions are garbage and that you can't fix part of them, you have to replace the whole thing. Sure enough, I couldn't find anyone in my area who would repair it without charging me $4,000 for a new one, and most places won't even work on them!!!

So...I had to resurrect my 2004 Toyota Matrix (best car EVERRR) with 220,000 miles (which by the way I have NEVER had to make any major repairs to and in fact, just put new rotors on her for the first time @ 210,000!!!). I hadn't driven my Toyota in over a year and she started right up and has been driving like a dream...which made me wonder...why the heck didn't I get another Matrix instead?????

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine started doing some in-depth research, and found that Nissan extended the warranties on their CVT transmissions to 120,000 miles for certain years, and 2009 was one of them. I called a DIFFERENT dealership this time (this one in Raleigh) and was actually treated like a human being! The rep immediately asked me my VIN number, told me the repair was covered, sent a tow truck out to my house to pick up the car, and gave me a 2015 Nissan Altima rental car for almost two weeks while it was being repaired (Altimas actually drive very nicely but you still couldn't PAY me to own another Nissan)..and no, they didn't charge me a $75.00 diagnostic fee. And yes, I am in the process of rating them very positively now.

End result: New CVT transmission at 109,500...when a Honda or Toyota would have just started coming to life. Years ago I had a Nissan Sentra station wagon, and the transmission went out at about the same time. I will NEVER buy another Nissan again. For those of you who are unfortunate Nissan Versa owners like's the warranty information link below wherein they extended the CVT transmission warranty on certain models/years - hope this helps. Oh yea, my brand new CVT transmission only comes with 12,000/12 month warranty. I'm totally nervous about this. My next car: DEFINITELY a Toyota or Honda. oh yea, the interior of this car is falling apart as well. The sunroof was leaking, streaming water into my car whenever it rained (that was at about 50,000 miles). Thank goodness for Youtube - my son googled a video that showed how to fix a leaky sunroof, or I would have paid a few hundred dollars to the dealership (you have to clean the hoses out that start at the top of the sunroof and snake down through the car door and come out behind the front wheels of the car). Somehow these hoses were totally clogged (even though I have never had to do this with my Matrix sunroof and I've had my Toyota since 2004!!!) I had to replace the car battery at around 45,000, as opposed to my Toyota Matrix, which had the same battery for the first seven frikkin years!!!! This is the worst car I have EVER purchased.
I got the 2009 Versa in 2010. It was brand new. I don't use the hatch very often and the handle on the back is broken. I took it to a shop when I went up to visit my mom and they said the piece is over 300 alone. I know they are telling me the truth since it is my brother in law who owns the shop. he even ordered the electric piece to replace just in case. What a rip off 300 for a handle and then there is the cost of labor and paint. The seal on the doors comes off and the plastic on the door by the floor keeps coming off and you can't get it to stay on. the passenger side arm rest, the vinyl is coming off. I love Nissan this is my 3rd one, but disappointed.
I bought a 2009 Versa in 2009. Was mostly happy up until the last year. Wheel covers don't last, fell off. It only had @ 50,000 miles on it when the battery died in May 2013. I understand batteries at some point will need replaced but even the tech at auto parts said that was a bit early for that. Then in June (this year 2013) the AC goes out. Took it to my mechanic for diagnostic ($90) was told the evaperator was bad $750 to fix. I wrote to Nissan Customer NO-Service, gave them the particulars and was advised to take it to an authorized Nissan dealer for diagnosis then they would review my case for possible assistance. Another $107 for diagnostics. Oh yay, the dealer says the compressor is bad and will fix for $1,233. Who is right? Two different parts. I left a message with Nissan rep that has never called me back to this day so I went through the many phone prompts to get another human. I gave them the info from the dealer, "will forward your info to regional rep who will call you probably tomorrow." She called alright, "we're so sorry you're having this problem but due to your car being out of warranty there is nothing we can do at this time." Really?!?! We all already knew it was out of warranty when I said 2009. Why on earth would you recommend me taking it to the dealer, charge me more money, if its just a black and white warranty issue? Why on earth would you say you review these things case by case? Oh its clear you look at each case NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. This young of a car (that I'm still paying off) SHOULD NOT be having these major issues already. My Toyota rusted out before mechanical issues ever started. I called Nissan yet again and yelled long and loud that they supposedly will refund my diagnostic charge (no check yet). Oh but I was wished a nice day. I told the lady, "well that won't happen, you try riding around in 90 degrees with no air." I will not put that kind of money in this young of a car. I was thinking about trading up in the Nissan line but will never buy Nissan. They could care less about thier customers once you're out the door. DO NOT BUY NISSAN-EVER!!!
Coming up on 4 years, bought our Versa new in 2008. Nearing 100,000 miles and while a basic vehicle, we have been very pleased. Some of the interior is made cheaply - one plastic piece near the floor board has come off 3-4 times and the passenger front armrest fabric is coming out. Overall, though for 100,000 miles, we have been very pleased with this little car. It has the 1.8 4 cyl engine and gets about 30 MPG. We drive about half and half city and highway. I'll probably get something a little nicer next time around, but overall I recommend the Versa.
Nissan Versa puts the Sub in standard. We bought this car "used" with only 750 miles in 2009. So far we are just under 6000 miles and it would seem that the problems have started. For what ever reason the key will not come out of the ignition and it has been this way for a couple of months. After a couple of years the car battery had to be replaced for no apparent reason (with about 4000 miles).
As a base modle hatchback the car is missing several features that one might consider standard. It has completely manual locks and windows, no cabin lights in the front, and no ABS just to name a few things. The seats have no lumbar support and as a relatively tall person I have to push the seat back so far that I have to hyperextend my arms to reach the steering wheel limiting my range of motion and making driving rather unconfortable. Also I have found that the gas milage is not as good as one would think coupled with the fact that the car has a tiny gas tank you have to fill up more often then you would think. I too have found that having a tiny engine with hardly any horse power makes it very difficult to keep up with traffic on the highway.
To give credit where it is due I must admit that the turning radius is amazing and the AC is excelent.
So if you are looking for an unconfortable, stripped down, car with hardly any standard features this is the one for you! Otherwise you might want to look else where.
I bought a 2009 Nissan Versa a little over a year and a half ago and I absolutely love it. It's comfortable and roomy for driver and passengers alike, pretty zippy for a 4 cylinder thanks to the CVT and gets great gas mileage. My only real complaint is the fact that the wheel covers/hubcaps seem to be poorly designed. I lost the front right, only to replace it and lose the front left on the way home!

I'd also say be sure you know what you want and how much you want to pay when you go to the dealer. The dealer attempted to charge me $70 for the replacement hubcap, but eventually came down to $50 when I showed him they were available online for $40. This time I bought a set of 4 replicas for $35.
The Versa is an awesome car. It is the SL HB with the CVT. Very peppy and GR8 on gas. It's my teen's car and I love it for around town.