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I have had a Mercury Sable - DOHC new from the showroom since January 2000. I had a problem with it trying to overheat whenever the temp was over 85 degrees, but because of a great mechanic who refused to fix things on suspicion, it did take about 2 years to reslove - couldn't get the issue to replicate in the shop. It was suggested that we wash the engine, and that fixed the issue - cost of $00000. The air intakes were clogging up because of Cotton wood and other air borne crud. Replaced the springs both front and back like most other owners - not an expensive fix. The brakes have required only normal maitenance in the 165000 miles I have driven it. I do see on my car and similar cars for about the year (Taurus and Sable's), rust on the rear rocker panels. My mechanic has said that the body will wear about before the engine. I beleive him. Car fires right up in below zero weather every time! I can live with the rust issue when the car has been this reliable. I would buty this car again.
When I first bought my 2000 Mercury Sable, I had starting issues, plus stalling on me. Then we took it to Ford garage and 3 other mechanics....NO CODE errors came up on their high tech machines. So, my husband n I did the process of elimination with help of the fancy mechanics manual. Found that if we wiggle 2 different megafuses, it would start. Then we had to replace 3 important electrical parts, ECM was one of them...Now it works, starts, very nicely. Great car, but I found that if I put the car in 2nd it goes up the hills nicely without the skipping and bucking, then put in OD once over the hill. Now, I am trying to figure out why I only have the high speed wipers. Replaced the arm that runs the wipers, but no change with new piece. If anyone has any idea what else I need to try, please post your solution.
I have had the car for 18K miles now and have put in about $2,000 in repairs. Mainly due to not having inspected it properly when buying, so its my fault really.

In response to the post by "Visitor, Prescott, WI, February 18, 2012 23:01" I had the same problem where it turns off when stopping. This is very likely because the car is not getting much Oxygen. The primary cause of it was a hole in the main air line (underneath) so it was not easily detectable because it was not visible. There was also a leak in the manifold exaust. It cost about 300 to fix the issue.

In response to the post about going up hill and the tc going up but not shifting. I have a similar problem. My car hesitates in shifting when I am going up a steep hill. It doesn't know whether or not to upshift or downshift and kind of jerks a bit. I don't have a solution for you though :(
I bought a 2000 mercury sable ls last june. i have replaced the tyrods,breaks,struts,ball joints,front control arm. recently i have been driving and everytime i come to a stop light or stop sign it wants to die and will. Even in the mornings it will not stay started it kills. so i have to keep my foot on the gas. and when i am at stop lights and signs i have to keep my foot on the break with one foot and use the other to rev the engine so it does not die. it is driving me nuts for how much i have put into this car.
I bought a used 2000 sable and absolutely love the car but i've been some kind of issue with the car going up hills. For some odd reason the tac is going up but the car is not shifting out of low gear and is taking me up over the hills at 40 mph. There is no noise coming from the engine and no shifting problems otherwise with the car. Does any one else out there have the same problem or know what this might be? Is there a sensor for this? Please help
My 2000 mercury sable has been unreliable. I bought it used with 69,000 miles in '03 and rebuilt the top half of the engine with 80,000 miles on it due to a burnt valve in early '04. Next the transmission went in mid '05 with 92,000 miles. Now in 2011 with 149,000 the transaxle is giving me problems and car will not go into any drive gears. My suggestion is to stay clear of all mercury products. If you have not had a problem yet one is surely soon to happen.
My sable is excellent & runs great, except for the brakes. I have had to replace my rotors at least 7 times. My car has 252108 miles. It looks, like it just came out of the showroom. Seventy Five (75) percent of the mileage is highway.My engine light came on about 2 years ago, and it has not caused any problem. I would like to know about how much an engine would cost if I have to replace it?
The only problem I've encountered is the rear coil springs are both broken. The car has 103,000 on it. After discovering this, I have spoken to other Sable owners and nearly HALF of them had to replace the rear springs. The front springs are on recall only if broken, but the dealer will install a metal plate to the front struts to prevent the coil springs from puncturing a tire when they eventually do break.
Good car. Brakes are a constant issue.
If you have the 24 valve duel overhead cam, it is a MONSTER and will run until it blows pistons. I really like the reliability of the car, just hate almost everything about the look. It looks like i'm retired, and going to bingo. I should be a little old lady with my poodle in my lap. Also, WHO decided to put the SPARK PLUGS under the engine??????? 300 bucks later, they were changed and the car started correctly again. Also, the back springs are broke, but seems like that's the liability of these cars. The fuel pumps are touchy also, and not a cheap fix. However, compared to the transmissions fix on a mazda, they were about comparable.