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2000 Lincoln LS (15 Reviews)
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Was my dream car until I actually bought one...I have never been more disappointed in my life. Honestly Ford, good way to kill it for a girl! This car is worse then a divorce, talk about taking you for half, this car will rip you from all means of thought, of making it in life. I love my LS, but it shows no love back. I'm really looking forward to the day I can trade this car in! That's even if they will give anything for it! =)
I dont own an ls but was thinking about it.1500 bucks
It has some body damage,186,300 on the dash,& a rusty
Undercarriage.interior is excellent & drives great.what do
You think?
I bought my 2000 LS V-6 used, with 74,000 miles more than three years ago. I have had no major problems. I drive it every day. The car runs and drives great. The under side is now getting rusty, this car doesn't owe me anything. I would get another one.
I first brought this car the prettiest auto on road,now 10 years later it currently have a problem mechanic cant seem to lay hands on .The battery dies over night,brought new battery,next dead again,changed alternaters,next day battery dead agin,changed heat climates control battery dead again,remove fuses that control air-condition battery not dead,still can not pin point the probleem.very expenseive to work on.
April 2009 I bought my car used after my 96 Mark VII blew it's engine. (actually my husband didn't notice it was overheating until it was too late) had 140,000 miles, body was in good shape with small dent on driver side. No real major problems as so far. I do need to service the air conditioner before next summer. Air conditioner gets hot if air conditioner is on for a while about 30 mins. Oh yeah, the horn doesn't work too. No other major problems so far. I love the way it drives & looks. It will hold me another year until I can aford to buy a newer car.
I have a 2000 Licoln Ls and since i owned the car it's been nothing but problem after problem.I advise anyone don't purchase one unless you have a gazillion dollars to invest into it
We have had our 2000 LS since 2003, with no serious problems, until recently when the valve covers started leaking and oil seeped into the spaekplug wells.
After 89,000 miles, I guess something should fail.
This has been a great car!! Also was Motor Trend Car of the Year in 2000.

Owner in Washington State
The car is beautiful inside and out. The suspension is also great no other car that i have driven in rides so smooth and thats were the good stops. This car is horribly unreliable. Unless u can do your own work on the car don't buy it because even then it is a money pit. If its not one thing wrong its another. You can't blame driving for this cars problems it is driven softly around by my mom just to drop he kids off at school and to there dance lessons. The car is always maintained and inspected by me but theres nothing u can do to prevent the problems this car throws at you. Not one of the other 5 cars we have sits in the garage on stands like this one does. I work on this lincoln literally more then the other 5 cars combined. Right now i am rebuilding the transmission to sell and getting my mom a chrysler 300 and we will see how that one fairs can't get anyworse then a lincoln.
The 2000 ls is a total nightmare nobody seems to know anything about it ,even mechanics at dealerships will tell they hate working on it.The thing has away of dragging you in fighting and screaming all the way.It's $500.00 with a decent design everything is $700.00 or more per repair all at once you have so much invested that you dream it will last at while and just when you than you can get on the open road with it you cannot enjoy it because it will breakdown and nobody knows how to fix.The part that really is interesting to me is ford,they seem to think that unless its a safety defect they just ignore it all thier recalls are safety related no matter how many people have reported the same issues over and over.Jaguar used to have the same reputation and they passed it on to lincoln
I don't understand what everyone has against the '00 Lincoln LS. I've had my car for years, and it is running BEAUTIFULLY. All I have had to replace is the spark plugs, oil, oil filter, air filter, and AC filter. Everyone ranting and raving about how bad the Lincoln LS is really should check how they drive it. It's not a race to get to your destination. I don't have any problems that everyone is claiming to have, but I drive carefully. So before anyone blames the car, blame how you drive it.
i love the interior and design of car, but having problems with it jerking, or stalling when i get to around 40mph, check engine light came on, paid firestone $99 to get a diagnostic and one of my catalytic converters need to be replaced...not looking forward to what its going to cost
Pretty good vehicle. Problems with cooling system ofcourse!!
I still own my 2000 LS. I think my diggest disappointment is the leaks in the engine that kill the spark plugs. It's costly to repair, and frustrating that there's no permanent fix.
pretty good car,but hard on gas.
sunroof is of the traack on the drivers side