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2001 Lexus ES300 (8 Reviews)
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The car is just so comfortable to drive, sharp body style, full of luxury features. I'm planning on keeping it for a long time.
Just bought a 2001 Lexus ES300. Beautiful car. Drove it for about a week then the check engine and trac off lights came on simultaneously, followed by a little stutter in the engine driving down the highway with the cruise control on. Followed some advice on the web by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery and then spraying the air intake port that's near the air horn with some electronic's cleaner(evaporates quickly). This has seemed to take care of the problem, the lights are not on now and the engine stutter is gone; the cars' got nearly 94,000 miles on it. I hope it will keep going strong...just got an oil change too. I'm pleased with it overall...good strong V-6 engine;everything still works in it, I.e. A/C, power seats/windows, etc. I think I made a good purchase. Looking forward to putting a lot of comfortable miles on it.
I love my car. To me is the greatest car. I had a few but, this is one of the best. I feel spoil with my car. Lexus car pamper you. I have a few problem right now. The mountain ligths is always on and the brake lights. I replace everything. I change the brake and the mountain bulb. But still on. What can I due to shut this lights off?
When I first bought the car new, had problems with breaks that squeaked and wore out too fast. Then, there is a loose object noise from the front / under the dashboard area that no one seems to be able to trace to its source. Now, the transmission has gone out after 147k miles which will cost me $2600 to for a rebuild. I will never buy a Lexus again as the transmission on my wife's RX300 had to be rebuilt after 90k miles only. Transmission problems for Lexus are common, according to the transmission shop.
I bought this 2001 ES-300 from a Lexus Dealer in July 2010 with only 55,000 miles ! I owned a 1994 ES-300 for several years and it was a great car with 150 k when I sold it to a college student. I bought the same car only a newer version. It's not as "tight" as a BMW - but it's a superb overall vehicle - with plenty of power when you need it. I have 64,000 miles on it and haven't had ANY problems at all. I was warned however by a Lexus technician to spend $ 250 and have the valve cover removed to look for sludge in the engine before buying - which I did. Fortunately - it was spotless. I'm pretty diligent about frequent oil changes. I will need a new set of tires in the next year or so probably and of course will need a new water pump/timing belt around 90 or 100k - but that is to be expected. Other than that - I know this car is dependable and will go 200k easy.
Plus it's a very attractive car I find and prefer the angular body style of 1999-2001 over the 2002-2006 body style. My next car will probably be a 2008 or 2009 ES - but that's a few years down the road. I never drive NEW, I let someone ELSE take the depreciation hit.
Since I bough the car in 2004, It feel always like it need a wheel aligment and balance. I think I requested it. And they did it. It also was not on the car the manual. Why? I don't know how many times I can recalled doing wheel aligment and balance. It's that normal? I don't know too much about car! But my boyfriend tell me. It's align or not? Is balance or not? Why? Now I drive over 55 the wheel feel, like they going to fall off. And I just balance the tire. And I just bought 2 brand new tire. Let see? Also the brake, something at the bottom, when is rain, or snow, and ski a little, a big noise come from the bottom giving almost a heart attack. I love my car. And I would like the problem with the steering wheel to get fixed. I wonder if lexus will fixed it under the company warranty. The 18 hundred dollars, that I bought it finish. before my 100 thousand miles. Don't not why? Now the caliber in the driver side not good. I wonder how much it cost and how much to put it in?
Never had any problems with it for 5 yrs until last week when the transmission started acting up. Quite a shock. I thought my cutie was invincible, but now I know it's not, am sure going to be hit with a big bill to fix it. Lexus said $110 just to look at the code. Huh~
2001 ES300, just hit 100,000 miles, she runs like a champ!
I love this car! Change the oil every 3000 miles, and it's great.
Setting appointment to flush transmission fluid and other basic service items, overall, I LOVE this car. Solid, dependable good ride.
Not to mention it's sexy..