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2007 Jeep Wrangler (11 Reviews)
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Less than 57,000 miles, serviced regularly, severe engine knocking developed suddenly driving at 45 mph. Driven easily. Several diagnostics later, my only option is to "replace the engine". Additionally, front end shaking occurs randomly, usually when using 4wheel drive mode. But, no rhyme or reason. Unpredictable.
I guess I am one of the lucky ones from reading these different posts. I have had mine since April of 2007. Drove it off the lot with 4 miles on it. I have done everything imaginable to the jeep (lift, bumpers, wheels, tires, new top). I have 65k mile on her as well. May not seem like I drive it a lot but I do, every single day. Im just one of those that has not worked very far from home. Average commute was about 14 miles for the first 3 yrs. These last 3 yrs have been about 28 mile commute. I have been offroad numerouos times. Love to play whenever I get the change. The only issue I have had with the Jeep was the O2 Sensor about 2 weeks after I got it and just recently the airbag light came on. So that was under the manufacturers warranty. Besides me having to take her in for a front seal replacement this comig weekend, I love this Jeep. Paid for and no problems. Like I said, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

Not too impressed with the interior set up and the stereo. I mean, the 2006 TJ's were loaded!! Then you goto the JK and it was so darn basic. Softtops - you better have patience with the usual leaking when it rains. Or buy an aftermarket softop. This is what I did after 5 yrs. Now it doesn't leak - THAT BAD. LOL!!
Ok so got this 2007 Jeep direct order from factory delivered to my dealer.
love it
except i am experiencing the same lot of problems listed by everyone else.
i currently have 187,000 miles on this bitch!
i guess that is good considering the stories thus far
BUT my biggest problem is the engine knock!
had a cylinder misfire show up at 155,000
my mechanic tried to alleviate the problem within his ability but to no avail
took it to a jeep dealer for the proper tests - compression etc.
they said it needed a new engine - nice
then i got the infamous Death wobble showing up at 185000
at 46 mph the shake was unreal and would not stop with acceleration or braking till like 30mph
took to mechanic, checked everything
he could not figure it out
I swapped tires from back to front, that worked temporarily.
does not happen as much although every little bump feels like it can shake
took it back to mechanic told him to change steeering dampner and re torque track bars according to some forum posts.
he checked the ball joints and said they need to be replaced as well
getting ready to do them soon but have not really had death wobble
i'm gonna run the engine into the ground, as i have already resigned myself to getting a new engine
but certainly was not planning on replacing the engine on this thing but it is waht it is.
i have had every little thing on this serviced by my company mechanic since purchase
everyone would ask about the knock and why don't i do something about it but really what can be done other than a complete engine tear down and rebuild was my answer to0 the tune of how much?

Purchased 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara Worst purchase EVER! Only plus to this vehicle is it will go anywhere! The 2007 4 door has the DEATH WOBBLE! Even though Chrysler will not accept any liability, it is real and really scary! Will shake you so bad your head and teeth hurt! Spent over a thousand on repairs the dealer said would resolve the problem. Sold back to the dealer, Chrysler inspecter said replace steering dampner, dealer did what he said and it still wobbles! Luckily it is the deelers problem now! Awesome looking ride, as long as you don't have to drive it! The wobble has something to do with cold weather. By the way, it is not the tires, other comments will say it is, but those were replaced also! My husband was very upset, it was his dream car, but we had no other choice with this vehicle! We will never purchase another Chrysler product! There response to this is a joke! I am sure this "wobble" has caused many accidents!
Found out that our 2007 Wrangler Unlimited with 45,000 spun a bearing. Dealer wanted $6,500 to replace the motor. Dealer said they wanted to help me out but Chrysler needed more oil change receipts. Called Chrysler and they said they wished they could help me but the Dealer needed more oil change receipts. Bottom line - we were on our own. Chrysler's Unlimited Drivetrain Warranty is WORTHLESS!! Both Chrysler and the dealer made me feel it was all my fault for not maintaining the Jeep according to factory recommendations. There is no way an engine should fail at 45,000 miles. I will never ever buy another Jeep or Chrysler product!
My 2007 jeep Wrangler I purchased new from midway jeep in San diego in april 2008. I was so happy to get my first jeep, When I found A 2007 brand new on the lot and the color I wanted and the deal of the year I was through the roof the cherry on top was the lifetime powertrain warranty, that's what really got me into looking into a Jeep. I had bad luck with a Ford truck and was ready to go back to a toyota or honda. At this point I wish I would have. I started to notice A ticking noise in my engine, called up midway a brought it in, they told I would have to pay $110 for a to get some test done over the phone, Fine I brought it to the service department and the service guy ask me to turn on the Car I did, As soon as I did he knew right away, On what it was. He then told me if he had permission to take apart the engine to get to the real problem and he added it will be a $500 to $600 charge to do this, I asked if it would be cover in my Lifetime warranty he said it might. two days later I finally got a hold of the service person and he told me that to get my oil change receipt ready to make my case with chrysler. But the worse part was when he told me that the engine took a beating it made me feel like i never change my oil. the bearings were stripped and he said "that my oil was short 2 quarts and that the engine should have failed already" funny cause my oil light never came on nor did the check engine light. isn't that what there their for. so all in all the only way to keep your powertrain warranty all oil changes done by Dealership then chrysler has no wiggle room to say that their perfect engine was miss treated by anyone.need a class action suit on these engine no car engine should ever be replaced before 55k miles
Used jeep purchase with 31000 miles. Now at 74000 miles and it is at the dealers with a blown engine. MY extended warranty company has taken 3 weeks to look at the engine and still not sure they will pay. I think jeep has an engine problem and really don't want everyone to now. Need more people with engine problems to speak up. Jeeps maybe a find toy but i have had the last one i need for a daily driver. Also had poor mpg for a vehicle that doesn't weigh anything and has a v-6
I have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler X 4DR 4X4. I used to love it until "DEATH WOBBLE" started. OMFG!!! 70 MPH on I95 in Philly traffic I almost cr*%@pped my pants. Now if I go 40 MPH and hit a small bump there it goes again. Now I have another problem- engine ticking! Found out Spun bearing and it seems to be a common problem in 2007 models as I am finding on various blogs and websites. I have called Jeep for Assistance for the $5K repair. If anyone is experiencing any of these problems shout out please?

This is one the best built Jeep in since the CJs of the late 70's early 80's.
I bought this with 8k miles on it. I now have 24k on it. I am quite happy with this vehicle. It really goes through deep snow well. I like the 3 piece hard top, alot fun in the summer. The jeep feels like a well made vehicle. I'm not a fan of the auto trans in this though. Seems to always want to shift down on the slightest hill.fuel eco is dismal.
Auto trans clicks when shifting from reverse to forward. Horrible electrical system... broke down once with about 18000 on it, then again around 28k, 33k, 35k, and 36k. engine is very sluggish