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2007 Hyundai Santa Fe (15 Reviews)
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I have had MULTIPLE probloems with my 2007 Sante Fe GLS v6. The harmonic balancer went, the fuel pump 3 times, the shocks and struts, the front steering arms, front wheel bearings, the brakes on front and rear, the left air bag light, the fuel pressure sensor guage - ALL WHILE UNDER WARRANTY.... So the car was relatively new. My current problem is the fuel pressure sensor guage again, as well as an issue when I fill the tank up with gas - the car will not stay running. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HYUNDAI again.
The best car, and most reliable I have ever owned. I was given this car from my grandmother at 170,000 miles... it is now just slightly under 200,000 miles. I have been the owner for nearly three years now and there is very little on what I can complain about. The car is a tank! Literally. I was in an accident with a uninsured driver recently and the only thing that was damaged was one axle. Easy fix and the car still drives well. I honestly think this car will last another 200,000 miles if the next owner keeps up with the maintenance. I am seriously considering getting another, newer model.

The AC goes on and off sometimes.
I bought the 2007 Santa Fe GLS 2.7 engine. Not much power and fails constantly. Technicians can't ever seem to find what the problems are. Latest problems... front brakes grind and pulse like the ABS is coming on. $400 for a front end brake job. LDW and other lights coming on intermittently; never did find the answer to that one. Brake problem again. Replaced the ABS brake computer module for $2000. Other reviews show the brakes and lights to be a real problem that Hyundai and NTSB don't wan to pursue. Just got rid of that money pit. It actually quit on me 3 times on the way to getting some money for it. Got $8000 for it from a car auction house. In turn I got a 2015 Chev. Equinox 1LT. Leased it for less than $1000 down and $270 monthly payments. Very nice with enough bells and whistles for my taste. The $8000 will get me almost 30 payments. Works for me....get it...the Chev. works for me...the Hyundai didn't. Oooiiyyyyyy
2007 Hyundai Santa Fe
I am very frustrated with the car. Since the purchase the fuel sensors circuit A and B were already changed twice. My bolt joints and links were also replaced. Currently my two cylinders are not working causing misfire and engine check light go off. I definitely won't by Hyundai again!
This vehicle has cost me for 2 electronic door lock units ,and now a fuel leak on the high pressure fuel pump has been quoted for repair as $4000. this on a vehicle that has only done 80000km .It will be sold as the maintenance costs are just too much
2007 Santa Fe 6 cyl is a great every day drive. It does it all and comfortably too. Though not up to my 2007 Honda Accord EX-L's build, fuel efficiency or resale value, for every day transportation and comfort the Santa Fe can't be beat. I tried hard to build the case and trade it for 2004 BMW X5 also in awesome condition but when I looked at the BMW's repair costs, time in the shop, and or reliability, I ditched that idea quickly. Last year I loaded the family and drove it down to Disney World and the word comfortable comes to mind. Try that in a little road noisy Accord. This baby is a keeper. After 30,000 miles only my seat belt retractor and arm rest are broken, try that in a BMW!
I bought the 3.3 AWD new in August 2007. I am meticulous in maintaining this truck. I don't drive all that much so mileage is 55K in Feb 2013. This has been a great truck until now.......... but now it seems the truck is in real trouble. The major problem seems to be gaskets and the attendant oil leaks. The dealer can't seem to find or fix a second leak. After $1200 in repairs which included a surge tank gasket, 2 rocker cover gaskets, and a new generator assembly the truck is still leaking. Complaints about gaskets in the 2007 are all over the internet while Hyundai denies all. My advice is if you want to keep your truck for the long term don't buy Hyundai. I am pissed that true info on gasket issues is not available from Hyundai. A truly responsible and responsive manufacturer would be upfront about these type of problems. Shame on you Hyundai...... you've lost a customer. I would have bought a new one but not now!
Now it is the electrical system, light dimming and brightening, shifting affected, hiting the brakes seems to affect situation, stranded on trip, out of town Ford Dealship could not get a "code" when hooked up to computer. After a lost day, continued on to destination, drove about an hour before lights started dimming again.
Took it to Hyundai Dealership in that town the next day, their computer could not get a "code" said everything was working right. Alternator was replaced 2 years ago at our expense. current problem happens ramdomly and gets worse the longer car is driven. Really scarry at night. Seems if you pull over and let the car cool for 30 minutes you can drive further with less problems until car heats up again. Can't afford to park the car. We have had so many problems with this car. Really frustrated with Hyundai, that they can't fix anything.We have had this car back to the dealership where we purchased the car so many times. Wonder if their computers are not set correctly to identify problems. They can offer whatever warranty they want because they know they don't intend to be able to "find" anything that needs to be repaired. Have a four hour trip next weekend and I am really worried about the car not making it.
I owm many car never have to go through this the gas light go on when I,m full then it go off then back on very nervous when driving on this condition cost $500 to fix this it should be a recall never heard of this not happy about this Santa fe.gervais
In response to the comment about the compressor not kicking on. I have had this problem for the last 3 years and it is continually getting worse. Finally after 10+ trips to the dealership and much frustration of dealing with them my dad started knocking around on the dash. We have figured out if you hit the glove box you can make it come on. Frustrating to have to do this I know but I have also been there without ac wishing to get anything to work. I took my car in to the dealership recently to get the cruise control fixed which has also not worked right from the beginning and they are supposed to be on the phone with a Hyundai tech support going over the wiring harness to fix the ac problem. Lets hope this helps. Anyway just thought I'd let anyone know in case they have similar problems and frustrations.
This is my 4th Hyundai, They get Better & of the BEST AutosYET.
2007 Santa Fe. The A/C compressor dos not turn on for 10-15 min after I start the car, specially on extremely hot days. Dealer cannot find the problem. That stinks.
I have the 2003 Santa Fe. From day one I noticed you can't drive around with the rear windows down, or you will get that terrible noise and severe air pressure that wants too blow out your ear drums. I have never complained about it to Hyundai, but it does happen.
Original Bridgestone tires were out of round. Rear brakes dragging created a high frequency vibration. Dealer would not repair under warranty. Other problems: wiper fell off. Loose rubber seal around windshield. Compass malfunction. Crank sensor malfunction in heavy traffic. Oil leak from oil filter shortly after purchase. Vehicle was bought new.
The only issue I've ever had was a brake light fuse. Other than that, this car is stellar, and I believe the best in it's segment. Fit and finish is superb, the V6 is capable, ergonomics are great, and all this.....wait for it....."for a Hyundai!" :)

Let me make absolutely clear, this is not the Hyundai of the 'Excel' days. This is the new Hyundai, who have improved their product by leaps and bounds, faster than anyone could have thought possible.

What else is good? The stereo. The minimal levels of road noise. The fabric quality of the seats. The strength of the A/C (it has no problem with Texas heat.) The glasshouse like visibility. The engine note is even pleasant, and the chassis rigid. The weighted firmness to the power steering. The doors even shut securely like my gone but missed mid 90s E-Class MB.

One minor fault is that the seats, when pumped to full with the 'lumbar adjustment' feels like it has a balloon in the middle, and is pressed upon your back.

Anyway, this is my girlfriends car, and it makes my current Acura RSX a tinny, harsh, and high strung place to be.