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2007 Honda Pilot (10 Reviews)
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I bought my Honda pilot new in 2007 I have replaced tires , brakes , wiper blades ,one cracked windshield and one radiator that was hit by a stone and punctured it.
I have 88937miles on my car. On June 11 ,2017 I replaced alternator . This has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. It does well in the snow and I'm keeping it till it totally dies.
Bought the 07 new. 2 wheel drive with ECO-DRIVE. Good car but the gas mileage has never been close to what they said. I check the mileage every tankful and usually get 17.2 in the city and 19 on the highway. Not the 19 & 22 on the sticker.
Bought this 4wd new and within 20,000 miles had thumping steering noise that turned out to be a loose power steering unit. Tightening fixed it. When new the vents for rear AC/HV were switched and had to be switched to proper. Often, simply by getting in the drivers seat the rear heat turns on high but dealer says that can't happen. Now at 61,000 miles I have a center differential leak and a grinding noise when turning, may be related. FIRST AND LAST HONDA I WILL EVER OWN.
2007 honds pilot valve train noise (excessive) took it back to honda with 62000 miles on it 2000 miles out of warranty had to replace all the rocker arms $2000.00 later have had it back 2 more times for the same problem anyone else having problems like this? VERY DISSIPOINTED WITH HONDA PRODUCTS !!!!!
Funny. I bought the Pilot because no one would continue to take me to the dealership with the Jeep GC that I had for weekly repairs. Good move for me.
This winter we had 2 feet of snow. I had to get to work in the blizzard. The Pilot was better than the jeep that I owned. The 4X is flawless, up hills and down, even in reverse. Now I will take it on the beach to go fishing! It is not a mini van with a leather jacket! Believe me.
2007 Pilot. Chatter when you go over bumps. It was the parking brake. The rear brakes have the parking brake inside of the rear hub, and they must be taken apart, lubricated and adjusted. This procedure made it more quiet. I would recommend the dealership to do this procedure.
2007 Honda Pilot. A chattering noise from the engine. You could here it clearly if you listen by the passenger side wheel well. It is the water pump, tensioner, or maybe the timeing belt. There was a recall for the 2003. The dealership picked it right out when I brought it to their attension. It could break the timing belt. Honda does have a service bulliten out on that year. I have 32K miles. Otherwise, I love the Pilot.
It is now a year since I bought my used 2007 Honda Pilot. It is without question the best automobile I have ever owned of the US domestic made 21 cars I have owned for at least a year. It had 32K miles and now is 48K and all I have put into it is the cost of oil changes every 5k miles. It is one well thought out auto made to last with quality parts. I am so impressed with Honda I will be trading my wife's car for a Honda later this year.