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I bought my Honda pilot new in 2007 I have replaced tires , brakes , wiper blades ,one cracked windshield and one radiator that was hit by a stone and punctured it.
I have 88937miles on my car. On June 11 ,2017 I replaced alternator . This has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. It does well in the snow and I'm keeping it till it totally dies.
I bought my 2005 Pilot brand new and have had routine maintenance on it as suggested by the owners book. Just had the knock sensor harness replaced because some critter got to it and chewed it into two. Right now it has 215,000 miles on it, and still runs well. We like the car so much that we just bought the 2015 model. Gas mileage around town is crummy at 18 MPG, but we bought it because of its crash worthiness. Know of two people that owned one and theirs was totaled but they each walked away with minor injuries. Hopefully will not have to share any personal experiences.
Honda pilot tourning model, drivers side not getting warm air. Was told heater core stopped up, even though I have had all required maintenance done ever since have had it . Bought new,extended warranty will not cover cost unless is defective. $ 1000 to fix + out over $2000 for a extended warranty.
I have a 2012 Honda Pilot Touring, sold my 12 year Yukon Denali XL.
I loved my Denali but it was getting old and ABS lights went on. After looking at many new Denali's and finding none that compared to my 2002 with the butter soft leather seats and the roomy interior, I decided on the Honda Pilot. So far a big disapointment, has no power and the car is coming apart. The driver's seat I have taken in three times to the Honda dealer and my Pilot has a year and a half with 22,700 miles. Last weekend while going 65mph on the freeway it started to bop,bop,bop while driving. The dealer says that I must have drived on the brakes,ha! on a freeway bumper to bumper. The rotors overheated and they had to be redone and clean up the breaks. This is an almost new car, I bought it with 5 miles from dealer new. This to sounds like manufacturer defect and it can cause accidents down the road. I hope the government gets notice of this soon.
Hi i have a 2005 honda pilot with 103k and everytime i hit the left turn signal and brake pedal my radio and dash light with the lights off but works normal when lights on,i replaced all the bulbs...any ideas what it might be
This car should've come in yellow because it is the ultimate lemon. It has 150,000 miles and burns a quart of oil every 10 days, and service tells us this is "normal". Every 7,000 miles the dashboard is like an unexplained ligth show requiring to pay the fees for reset, and an explanation that they don't understand why this happens. Ultimately will never buy another honda product....
This had been a great suv. Wish got better gas mpg but ok. Tons of room. We have 65k miles on it and just done normal service. Would buy another one for sure
I am the original owner of my 2004 pilot and just went over 104,000.00 miles and cannot complain as the car is reaching 10 years old now. Low mainteanance and have been to the snow, hot sun, beaches, camping etc. great family car and would definately buy another one.
We LOVE our Pilot! We purchased it new in 2005, after 8 years it has 140K miles on it, so we're using it a lot and have zero problems. Besides routine oil changes, we've had the brakes/rotors replaced, on our third set of tires (includes the originals). Great car!
Radio and ac/ heat unit lights went out at 4 yrs. Only way to replace is to get a whole new unit. Ball joints going out at 120,000. However, original shocks/ struts replaced at 120,000. Overall, excellent vehicle, but things start going at around 120,000 miles.
2010 Pilot has 2 leaking rear shocks. Fladaboe Honda in Irvine said I carried/towed too much. Wife's kid driver has never towed, carried or off roaded. Trailer hitch and chain holder still fresh paint. They said I carried heavy loads of wood because they found small splinters in the rear carpet. I showed them the blanket from the soccer field having the same "wood chips" being grass blades.
They said they would not warranty it. They said a spring was sagging and I must have driven off road. Indepenent shop varified no damage to shocks with in depth measurments. Honda is forcing me to small claims for a 600 dollar job. Was that enough to loose me as a customer and all those who read this?
I have had my Honda for over 3 years it is a great car with regular maintenance. The electrical is bad though, this is the third time a different door does not unlock and one of my windows went out. The speakers make a buzzing sound,but I like loud music so that was my fault. When I am driving on occasions my "D' light flashes (I dont know what that means)and my car has developed a loud knocking sound due to the motor mounts, the Airbag light is always on- that was a recall though. Other than that the car is a great family car it run smoothly and good on gas. I would definitely buy a pilot if i didnt have one.!!
I bought my 2003 EXL with 95K on it. I have had to replace almost every suspension part including ball joints. All that being said it drives and operates nicely in the winter. There is a severe vibration noise coming from the rear of the vehicle that sounds like going over bump strips. It actually slows the vehicle down. Maybe differential clutches or ?? Any thoughts?
Even though I park my Pilot in the garage every night, each morning I have a low tire pressure light on at least one tire sometimes two.I am really getting tired of checking air pressure and pumping air on these cold Ohio mornings. What can I do?
I've owned (2) 2003 Honda Pilots. Bought first Pilot EX-L in late 2002. I had it until it was totaled by a kid running a red light in July 2010. (154K miles). Very reliable vehicle. I had no major repairs that weren't part of regular maintenance. With the insurance money + $1500, i was able to purchase a 2003 Pilot EX in August 2010 (96K miles). Previous owner maintained vehicle better than I did mine. I've put 23K miles on it; no problems, reliable as expected.
If you are able to pay for the regular maintenance schedule (15K), the Pilot should last for years after it has been paid for.
I have a 2003 pilot when the ignition is on and in park the P as in park light will come on as uaual but now the D as in drive light will come on as well when put into amy gear the light will go off. Is this a major problem.
Bought the 07 new. 2 wheel drive with ECO-DRIVE. Good car but the gas mileage has never been close to what they said. I check the mileage every tankful and usually get 17.2 in the city and 19 on the highway. Not the 19 & 22 on the sticker.
We just bought a used 2005 with 80k miles in 2011 and we love it. Only issue we've had is that it started idling hot with the air conditioner on. That just happened today for the first time. Any advice?
I am the original owner and my car just turned over 120,000. This is a car that is driven hard! Sun, sand, snow and mud. It has performed nicely but I have replaced brakes twice and air conditioning went out. I had replaced but makes a crazy sound when on full blast. I really have enjoyed this car and it has taken a beating from family vacations, daily work and school grind as well as many work trips. Would buy again...
We bought our 2004 Honda Pilot in 2010. The rotors were 'juddery' when we test drove it but the dealer we bought from turned the rotors for us at no extra charge that very same day and we drove away happy. I have to say that this has been an absolutely brilliant motor vehicle. Its as smooth as smoth as can be and easily outranks its nearest rivals like the Toyota Highlander. Has fantastic acceleration from standstill and for a V6 engine pulling the weight that it does is just superb! It's now done 102k miles and still drives like new. Smells like new every time we get in it as well. It's pretty responsive and very comfortable to drive. Ok so it's not great on sharp corners at any great speed but this is an SUV not a sports coupe we are talking about. Mechanically it has been great, starts first time every time even when we've been away for a few weeks. Runs quiet and gives a great ride. I have no problem whatsoever with it and would most definately buy another one. Top marks Honda!
We bought our 04 pilot new and for the most part have been happy. milage isn't the greatest...thought it would be better, the brakes-rotors and all the shimmey when you apply the brakes is annoying...dealership blames driving habits- WHATEVER! i wish someone could figure out the problem and correct it...seems like we're paying too much for the ongoing problem since my wife only drives it in town mostly.
Bought this 4wd new and within 20,000 miles had thumping steering noise that turned out to be a loose power steering unit. Tightening fixed it. When new the vents for rear AC/HV were switched and had to be switched to proper. Often, simply by getting in the drivers seat the rear heat turns on high but dealer says that can't happen. Now at 61,000 miles I have a center differential leak and a grinding noise when turning, may be related. FIRST AND LAST HONDA I WILL EVER OWN.
Hey... Anonymous from Seneca, SC with the 2007 Pilot:

If your Pilot is a 2WD – From VIN 5FNYF2...7B000001 thru 5FNYF2...7B040535, this is a known problem. Look for Honda TSB 07-070 on the web or, better yet, go to your dealer and have them bring it up on the service computer... they should have known about this and saved you some your cash if your VIN falls in that group because, even out of warranty, the bulletin says,

"Any repair performed after warranty
expiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration by
the District Parts and Service Manager or your Zone
Office. You must request consideration, and get a
decision, before starting work."

According to the bulletin, it's a 5 hour job plus the dealer's retail parts charge (9 rocker arms and 3 gaskets at around a grand).
My wife purchased this Pilot new in 2004. The only mechanical problem we had is the brakes went out in 40k. Dealer says normal. Otherwise, my only complaint is lousy gas mileage (14-20). We bought the Pilot because it was rated better in gas mileage than comparable vehicles and our GM and Ford friends get the same or better. Of course, we have a Honda which I hope will outlast their vehicles.
Bought Pilot new in 06. The greatest purchase ever. Did have a squeaking sound at 33000 miles but Honda replaced the timing belt, tensioner, and water pump at no cost to me. It has been wonderful every since. This is the car for me and my family. Need auto seat and mirror ajustment.
2007 honds pilot valve train noise (excessive) took it back to honda with 62000 miles on it 2000 miles out of warranty had to replace all the rocker arms $2000.00 later have had it back 2 more times for the same problem anyone else having problems like this? VERY DISSIPOINTED WITH HONDA PRODUCTS !!!!!
I have an 04' Pilot, that I bought for my wife to drive, and I love the low maintenance features.
This is the only vehicle I've owned (25 years) that I have not grown tired of and wanted to trade in. It's got 95k on it with only oil changes. It's an awesome vehicle and I hope it runs forever!
I got my '03 in July of '02. It now has 204k and all I do to maintain it is change the oil regularly. I switched to full synthetic oil long time ago. But through the years, I also,changed brake pads 4x, changed tires 2x, changed battery and timing belt once. It is a very good car.