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2007 Honda CR-V (7 Reviews)
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after owning four other Hondas in the past I do believe it is time to move on. My wife and I are very unhappy with our 2007 Honda crv . We did all the scheduled maintence and still had very costly problems occur with cat. converter, brakes [after the dealer serviced them ].And the most recent is the a/c blowing hot air [I was told by mechanic its the a/c clutch].I think this will be our last Honda product.
I've had three CR-v's wrecked one owned five total but it still drove good. Took it in for warranty service repairs but the service manger said it was AOK. I don't trust the Honda mechanics they don.t know much about troubling shooting and repair they think the test equipment is good. I just found out a recall is no my CR*v trans problems recall R89 in Aug 11 2011 here it is 2014 .
I have problem for tpms
2007 2l petrol CRV. Just blew a head gasket at 54,000km. Bought this car, at a premium, for reliability! Not under warranty as 3-years is up., South Africa
I love my little Honda! I bought out the lease and will be paying it off in 3 years and will drive it until the wheels fall off! It fits my new baby, 2 dogs, husband, and groceries nicely! The only problem I've had is the TPMS light keeps coming on since I had new tires put on and a sensor was broken off. It's had no bearing on the drive or comfort of my vehicle and I still love my car!
It's been a Awesome vehicle! I guess with Honda you just can't go wrong. Iv'e had 3 of them and they were all great.
Great vehicle!
Next to the 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder I once owned, this is the best vehicle (least maintenance) I have ever had!
But after only two years, power steering fluid is as thick as molasses?
There may be a problem there~

Have this done before 40,000 miles (flush and refill), but don't allow Honda to do this procedure - they charge twice as much as your local service station (who can most certainly handle a 2007+ CR-V power steering flush~

Apart from that, I am thankful I spent a few thousand more up front to buy a Japanese-designed vehicle than an American piece of crap.

The last three American cars I owned (and babied as I do all my vehicles) shut down on me WELL BEFORE THEIR TIME!

This is an awesome ride and with GENEROUS FUEL SAVINGS to boot! Highly recommended!!!!!!