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Honda CR-V (75 Reviews)
we love our 2010 CR-V, we bought it new and has 68k miles, so far no mechanical problems, just a dead battery issue once, which was weird, because the were no warnings and we were driving it, then we stopped for gas and after it would not start, needed a jump start, replaced the battery and no problems since.
Bought this brand new in 05 and have loved it with 220000 miles on it,it just keeps going I'm definitely going to look at the 2015-2016 models.
we bought the car new 1998 it reached 196000 no problems for the last 15 years average cost normal maintenace last year changed radiator my fault did not remembered to change antifreze,easy fixed did it myself thanks to you tube for info.
love my honda ,people follow me to buy my honda will not sell even after 16 years ,it is paid off who wants to spend 36000.00 again convinced my husbend to by civic for him, he loves it
Vibration at 600 miles no need for a new car to have this problem. I hope Honda comes up with a solution and reimburse their customers I was told by dealers it's normal but I am not pleased with driving a car shakes so badly.
I bought mine new in 1999. I love it, still! Fun to drive, holds everything. Had some issues with the exhaust. Rust belt living, bad repairs?? maybe. It has exceeded my expectations with maintenance. The only real issue is the rear tailgate latch. It fails and locks up needing replacement. Honda has fixed this in newer CRV's. I would love to buy a new one and keep my 1999 as a second car.
Bought 2009 Honda CRV new. At 25000, the steering box went. I was into my fourth year so no warranty. Now, at 36000 miles, the heater core is shot. I will never buy another Honda. I drove clunkers for almost 40 years and never had problems like this at such low mileage. Also, had to replace tires at 29,000 miles.
It's a Honda CR-V, so the ride is similar to an amusement park bumper car ride -- very little comfort but it still runs fine. Oddly, the front seats are rubbing against metal each time we sit on them and the cushion is actually being grated away and finely ground cushion is always visible below the outside of both seats... and no, we're not overweight. Recently the passenger door lock has decided to unlock itself while moving and it cannot be locked manually. This is a tremendous security risk and thus far, even though there has been a recall of many other CR-Vs with this issue, Honda is not honoring that recall on my vehicle which seems very odd to me since it's the same issue. I guess I should have stuck with Ford, as my husband wished. This is my second Honda and after my first one seized up due to a timing belt issue that was later recalled, I should have learned my lesson and stayed away. This will definitely be my last Honda.
after owning four other Hondas in the past I do believe it is time to move on. My wife and I are very unhappy with our 2007 Honda crv . We did all the scheduled maintence and still had very costly problems occur with cat. converter, brakes [after the dealer serviced them ].And the most recent is the a/c blowing hot air [I was told by mechanic its the a/c clutch].I think this will be our last Honda product.
I bought the car used. At first I was happy but now I hate it. There are so many recalls, I can't numerate them. The "fix" free estimates are not free. I can't afford this car and woul'd love to be rid of it
As of June 22nd 2014, and nearly 100,000 miles, my Honda started to show some signs of needing "TLC" to hopefully keep it going another 100,000 miles. The minor thing being a bad ground connection made my left turn signal act "possessed" since the circuit was trying to find a good ground. A bypass of the bad connection did the trick. The most major work that the CRV had, were alignments were so much out of spec, that a mechanic offered to add adjustable shims/camber/toe kits to bring the wheels into alignment. My tires were showing wear/tear indicating a severely negative camber. I decided to take the car to an actual Honda Dealership Mechanic for further consultation. It turns out that the aftermarket kits are just a short term "bandaid" so sorts that will get your wheels aligned, but doesn't address the real underlying issue of a worn out suspension. True, over the years I've used my Honda more like a truck,hauling bags of gravel, retaining wall brick etc, which probably should have been done with a regular truck. I decided to go for the more comprehensive option of replacing my springs/struts, which brought everything back into perfect alignment. The rear suspension job set me back over $2,000 but this car has served me well since I bought it I didn't mind the expense. Now, time to shop for a new set of tires! I'd recommend Honda products...and will consider it in my shopping for my next car in the future.
Bought my Honda CRV new in late 1999. Almost 14 years old, now. I have had hardly any mechanical work done outside of normal maintenance and a minor accident repair. My only gripe is that certain dash lights disappear when headlights are on, which I do during daytime hours because of LOTS of traffic around here. Can't see what the time is, whether airvent is open or closed, what gear I'm in, etc., when using headlights during daytime hours. Steering is still highly responsive after all these years and the interior and exterior have held up very well despite always being parked outdoors when not driven. One can configure the seats to form a cot in order to sleep in the car if one is in the wilderness! Easy to put things in and out of rear flap, even a heavy wheelchair, without straining. Everything still works on this extremely hardy and comfortable vehicle. It's also not a big bruiser, but higher than a sedan, so easier to see ahead and around, uses fuel wisely, and is, truly, the best vehicle I have ever had since I learned to drive 50 years ago! BRAVO Honda CR-V!
The 2004 CR-V was the first Honda product that I have purchased. I will not be buying any more Honda's however. After 4 years of driving and at 71,000 miles, the air conditioning blew up, sending pieces through-out the system requiring installation of all new A/C system with me paying half ($1800) and Honda paying half. It was / is a known issue with many 2004 CR-V's (and some earlier models too, I believe) but Honda did not treat all of us the same nor do a recall (as it wasn't a safety issue). Then at almost 10 years of driving and 148,000 miles, the lower right control arm broke. Luckily, I was going slow enough that it wasn't more disastrous than being without my CR-V for several days until it could be repaired. It doesn't seem though that as carefully as I drive that the control arm should have broken. That is not a common problem on any car that I know of, is it? Needless to say, my next vehicle won't be a Honda product. Too many faulty parts in my current one.
I've had three CR-v's wrecked one owned five total but it still drove good. Took it in for warranty service repairs but the service manger said it was AOK. I don't trust the Honda mechanics they don.t know much about troubling shooting and repair they think the test equipment is good. I just found out a recall is no my CR*v trans problems recall R89 in Aug 11 2011 here it is 2014 .
My 2002 cr-v is up to 274,000 miles and runs like new. Great dependable all purpose vehicle. Highly recommended!
My 2006 CRV air conditioning is out. Compressor cost around $1400 to fix. Also I have to constantly replace headlights
Silverjack 3 is my 3rd Honda CRV. Ya' like it, ya' stick with it. My 2001 started having issues (2 of my 4 cylinders died). I got 1 repaired, but was driving on 3 cylinders). I wrote to HONDA and they sent me $$$$ to pay half the cost. GREAT customer service. So I got 2006 CRV. Unfortunately, an unlicensed driver (a Dodge Ram P/up)with bald tires, hit us head on on a rain slick road. Silverjack 2 was sturdy although she was totaled (I hadn't made the 1st payment!). Anyway, she gave that Dodge Ram something to think about!! Don't think Silverjack1 would have held up as well.
Anyway, back to Silverjack3. First there was an issue with the rear vibrating on turns. Something about differential fluid. Fixed the problem. She's well over 100,000 and never had brakes replaced (yeah for down-shifting in a 5 speed). My son switched me to synthetic oil cause I'm broke all the time, and I did notice that when I'm low (about out) of oil, the oil light doesn't come on. Instead the 'check engine' 'explanation mark' and 'vsa' lights on. Just a heads up for anyone who switches oil!!
Other than the recall on the power windows, I love my CRV!
bad electrical problem. dealer won't fix. says can run up to $3000.00 to get problem fixed. fuse to interior lights and rear wipers keeps blowing. so no interior lights or rear wipers working.
I have problem for tpms
After 43k of driving this car this is what we are seeing. The transmission is shifting hard and we are told it could be the torque converter pump bearings going out. It wants to stall or lag ( bog) in traffic. If you dont have the warranty you will pay out the wazoo to get any software upgrades to the car. Apparently ther are a number of software upgrades out there. A gotcha that really makes me mad. Dealers are not in the fix anything business unless you force them to. Good luck. What has happened to Honda?
The air conditioning system went out. Thousands of complaints about this on the internet. Honda wont do anything about it. The drivers side window switch went out. Bought the car for my daughter. I will never buy another Honda
Heater core apparently blocked - significant temp difference between inlet and outlet hoses. Original owner with all regular maintence accomplished at Honda dealer - no bad antifreeze. Unsure if this is an isolated issue or not as some forums have messages about heater core issues especially with 2004 Hondas, but not generally the CRVs.
Very nice vehicle! Very reliable! Have over 200000 miles no problem!
I have had my 1997 Honda CRV for 7 years. In that seven years, I have had to replace the entire A/C system twice and it is now once again not working. I took it to two repair shops and they are telling me I have to have the entire sytem replaced again!! This is ridiculous!!!! Of course, Honda is refusing to help in any way even though they know their is a defect in these systems and they should have recalled them!!! New vehicle will NOT be a Honda.
I have a CRV 2005 EX, manual transmission. I feel it is a good vehicle so far. i dont have it for much time yet. in general i would say it is a ok vehicle. i have to say that i do preventive work. i dont wait to the last minute or until it brakes down to fix problems. it is good to change maybe before your manual calls for service
I have a 1997 Honda CRV that is over 200K and it's driving beautifully. I do regular maintenance, but in general treat her fairly rough. I threw out one of my boots driving too rough, but she handles everything fairly well. The 25% power transfer with the Real time 4wd isn't the best for O/R but it gets you over the rough spots with the high clearance and she looks like she is walking through deep sand. My only beef is with the brakes driving over 65mph, I get some shudder. Take care of small issues quickly or you can get some big snowball issues. Great car. Don't even want a new model except to get better gas mileage.
I have no complaints with my 2006 CRV SE. I had a 1997 CRV which lacked power but the 2006 has plenty in my opinion. It has 95,000 miles and have not had any significant problems with it. I will have the mechanic check on the bearings on the 100,000 mile checkup and maintenance.

I also agree on how well it drives on the ice and snow and give it 5 stars. I have driven on some treacherous ice and snow in the mountains and it has done extremely well.

The only complaint I have is the suspension, it does not do well on highway curves when you are doing 65-70+mph. My 1997 CRV did ok.
Bought my 2006 CRV-SE brand new. Had noisy sound coming from rear and had to have some sort of fluid changed. Solved. Finish is wear off of radio buttons, sunroof or luggage racks make annoying vibration noise. Now at 6 years old with 70,000 eady miles I had to have a new water pump in $650. Small gas tank and not so great mileage = frequent and painful trips to the gas pumo. The car is VERY noisey on the road and the interior plastic is hard and easily bruised. We have driven Hondas exclusively for decades, but this one will make us rethink our next purchase.
The fuel vapor recover canister hangs to low to the ground and is very expensive to repair. We have torn it out 5 separate times at the cost of $1800 each time. The Honda dealers in our area are aware of the problem. The dealer replaces the same parts but makes no effort to protect this part from further damage.
400 miles on my 2011 crv , ticking noise from the top end sounds like tipical honda valve train issues, only this k24 is completely different from all other honda ohc engines, it has rollers in the valve train which is different from the other b,f,d,h,j series engines , the change was suppost to be honda engineers fix to the top-end issue, looks like they need to go back to the drawing board. not to hate or dis honda, i am a jdm fanatic, also owning a built b18c1 in my 98 civic eg.