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2007 Honda Accord (25 Reviews)
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I have 2006 Honda Accord, the car is perfect, actually, just having 2 weakness points in it:
Engine: Despite its power and fast response, it is not quiet engine, you always hear noises coming from the engine although adjusting the valve clearance, and using different grades of oil. I found out that all 2003 till 2012 V-Tech Engines are noisy by default.
Heat: when you drive for a long way, or getting up hills, the console under the Parking Brake Pedal gets warm/hot coming from the Catalytic Converter Exhaust that is under it, i have solved this issue by adding an extra heat shield for it.
Generally, the car is perfect, nice features, nice Clusters ill lights, poor low CD stereo sound, powerful, reliable, nice tail looking with LED lamps, wide seating interior, well sealed when you close the windows, low fuel consumption, safe, noise beeping reminder on 120KM (on some models)..
My problem is i'm an Accord fan, my next will be the 2013-up Accord.
Hope i was useful.
Bought 4 cylinder new. Within a few months a/c would only come out at my feet. Dealer had to rip out entire dash to replace a part that controls air flow. Repair worked but had minor side effects that diminished the new car feeling. Car now has 113K. Replaced front and rear brakes and rotors twice. The interior headliner is falling apart. Had to use screw in tacks to hold it up so I can see out the back window. No other major repairs but the transmission is starting to shake when shifting from 3 to 4 and from 4 to 5.
We bought a 2007 Honda Accord new with leather interior and 4 cylinder engine. We love the car most of the time until the brakes are applied. With only 17000 miles on the car, the brakes chatter so badly going down a long hill that the steering wheel vibrates violently and the whole car shakes enough to blur the instrument panel. The car will stop fine, but my wife's knuckles are white for a long time after that downhill run! The only other minor problem is that our old 1988 Toyota Camry's seats were a lot more comfortable on long trips. Despite these problems we still love our Honda, most of the time.
Been driving my 2007-Honda Accord EX for 6 years now. No major repairs :) Keep up with the required service maintenance and it will last you a long time. It has 153,000 miles and running great ! Next car.... of course... A HONDA! :)
Bought my 07 EX-L new in 2006. 108,000 and engine light just came on today. Never any major problems. Only regular oil changes when indicator shows less than 5% (every 5-6,000 mi). Best advice if you don't like the road noise or bumpiness: buy the tires designed for the car (EX & above). They're sports car tires ($1000/set @ costco, but I've only bought 2 at a time, no rotating). FD seat heater went out around 35K, my fault, and short circuited some interior lights. All minor repairs done w/ help from online videos. Just saving to buy another one before expensive problems start. Really solid car. Rides better than a luxury car.
horrible, horrible brakes, particularly the rear pads, caliper design. front brakes a bit better, but much worse than what i expected from honda. had rear rotors and pads replaced before it reached 25k miles. dealership tried to tell me it was due to driving in the snow and salt....i almost died laughing, eventually had honda replace them, but ran into problems again within 15, miles. rear defroster is anemic, barely strong enough to take care of fogging, cannot handle ice or frost. OEM battery a joke, finally replaced with non OEM. seat heater buttons are placed poorly and there are two setting, not warm enough and burn my ass off hot. sunroof controls should be placed on roof rather than hidden on dash near driver window. other than that, it's a great car.
my accord has 215000 on it, so far ive put $400 into it that consisted of a tune up and new battery. im on my third set of tires. the only other maint. ive done is brakes and oil changes.
My I-4 SE 4 door with a manual transmission has almost been flawless. I really do not understand why people complain about rear window motor noise, as I rarely open the rear windows. I am approaching 125,000 miles and have the original brakes and rotors on the rear wheels. In 36,000 miles of owning the car, I have replaced a right rear wheel bearing, and had Honda do the valve adjustment. My only gripes with the car is that I wish it was an EX and I do not like how the A/C makes a clunking sound when I turn it on. I believe this may be the next problem with the car. Buy hey, the A/C pumps out freezing cold air on 100 degree MN days.
LX 4cyl - 198,000 miles. Overall good car. Same minor issues as others: rear window motor noise, brake rotor shimmy.
Bought car new in July 07 and now at 47K miles. I do basic maintenance using Honda parts and oil saving dealer labor cost. Brakes are typical Honda junk and replaced rotors and pads here at 47K (160.00 versus 600.00 at dealer). I will agree on lots of blogs on Honda rotors being absolute junk (both OEM and replacement). I am surprised the shaking didn't loosen the screws that hold the rotors to the hub. Will let dealer do trans service and major tuneups. Let dealer perform trans recall software update today, 9/19/11. There have been no problems with transmission I might add. Overall, car is excellent as I enjoy doing the basic maintenance and brake work myself. Great on gas (27/36) and as long as car is driven as designed, no problems. Keeping car serviced is key. I will buy an Accord next go around.
I have the Accord EX, with 4 banger, automatic trans, etc. The car is tight, comfortable and still running well at 90,000 miles. The transmission is starting to whine, though. This is the first serious problem. The dealer here in Temecula wanted to blame the oil change place I use, saying they might have put the wrong type of fluid in - I almost rolled on the floor laughing at that lame diagnosis by their service department. Took it to a long-established transmission shop last week and they explained that it's a bearing that's seated in the transmission case. The slot the bearing is seated in wears over time. It needs to be machined, and an oversized bearing installed. $2800+.
very poor car!!!
very reliable car
My 2007 honda accord Lx I least new and went way over the mileage so i opted to buy it. I love this car. I have owned numerous models of Accords and 1 Civic. The first problem I have had was a recall, where the rear window motors had to be replaced. They still are horrible and noisey.The front brakes are ridiculous. The crunching noise and the petal to the floor is absurd. Everywhere I bring it too says they are fine. 1 set of rotors and 1 set of brakes so far at 76 K. The paint is pretty cheap also. The car handles great, so as usual I'll keep it until 200K. Hey it could be worse I could have bought the newer model 2008 which has terrible reviews on their rear brake system. Honda has to step it up. I love their products. I currently own 2 Hondas. 2010 Pilot, Love it too.
Bought this car new. "Value Package" with 4cyl manual. 72k miles and never been in the shop. Except for regular oil changes, everything is still original. The car is really zippy even with the 4 cyl. We average about 28mpg around town.
21k miles. So far so good. First Honda for us, performs well with plenty of power for 4cyl 2.4 V-Tec. Road noise rather high, and noisy rear pwr' window motors. Great gas mileage, 36 MPG highway on cruise control 23-24 combination MPG. Hard to get at oil filter for changes. Overall we hope it compairs w/ our previous car, 90' Subaru Legacy Awd wgn, kept for 16 yrs and 160k mil.
I have 70k mi. and getting ready to install the cars 2nd set of brakes from uneven wear.Has a lot of road noise,rr window makes noise,the plastic clips for the seat material broke exposing the foam from the back on both seats,this started less than a yr after I baught it.The car is also practically wrapped in foil as you have to be very careful about the body being dented.I totally feel scammed,would expect this from A Chevy but not Honda.
Junk worst car I`ve ever owned!!!!! It`s been to Honda 6 times cost me over 1200.00 dollars and it`s still not fixed...JUNK period. also for sale very cheap.serious inquiries onlyonly 52k leather coupe auto cruise control side air bags brand new tires and inspection red with black leather and spoiler
I have had four Hondas,this is the very best of them all. This is a Accord EXL coupe. I wanted to buy the new body style(08),but the more I looked at it I just did not like the style. So I found this 2007 coupe with 8000 miles and I think this style is better than the 08. This car has everything you could want ,all climate air,heated seats and mirrors,6 disk,running day lights, lighted steering wheel ,fog lights,daynight mirror. Going on 45000 miles and no problems.
Over all our $33,000 Accord is good but i was and am unhappy with the body and paint. Although the midnight bk paint looks great, it is sorry in its durability! if you just look at it crosseyed the paint will come off. It seems to be one of the cheepest paints i have ever seen on a car. (we bought it new) Maybe they sold us one that had been repainted! Also the metal is so thin and easy to dent that we have a hundred dings all along the body front to back on both sides due to other cars doors and shopping baskets. The brakes are weird. They have a weird feel when stopping, and wear irregularly. We have had it checked many times and no one finds anything wrong. I believe there is air in the hydrolic lines causing the irregular wear. The computer screen we have for music, maps, audio, and a/c is cumbersome and boaring. Engine good, and heating and air are good. It is also one of the noisyest cars we have owned. it is loud to hear the road and tire sounds very loudly. If these problems are not attended to we will not buy another one.
My biggest issue with my car is break vibration. I don't consider myself to be an aggressive driver, or hard on my breaks. Other than that, I am very pleased with this car.
Have really enjoyed this car. I did recently have a problem with the air conditioning - needed a part replacement. Of course this occurred when the temp was high. Had to wait almost a week to get the part in but they had somehow gotten it to work temporarily until the part came in. I was pleased with that. Also had the motor in the rear window replaced because of excessive noise. Was told this was a common complaint. Oh yeah, now that I think about it, the glass in the moonroof cracked but was covered by warranty.
I just love my Accord!
Had the car for about a year now. Drives great no problems at all I look forward to driving it everyday.
Excellent car. Have owned 25 Honda's in the past. Wouldn't drive anything else. 41K miles and never seen the shop for a problem. Can't get any better/