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2005 Honda Accord (6 Reviews)
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First off I before this 2005 owned a 2004 Honda Accord EX both the K24 SULEV engines, both automatic and both have been phenomenal. I drive A LOT!, these both never failed me once even when they were not in the best condition. For example my 05 LX needs new rear upper control arms and some other suspension work but it still drives well enough to keep highway speeds and hit corners at speed without braking. I replaced the air intake with a short ram and it sounds great, I also replaced front passenger shock with a used low mileage original shock, also replaced the front sway links and front rotors and pads along with new shoes in the back, still running good. Sure it has 200,000 miles on her but the motor and transmission are both original. I came from Subaru and I have gotta say Honda may be no race car or sports car but is still a great used car requiring minimal maintenance and the 4 cylinder uses a chain unlike the V6, I will continue to purchase used 7th generation accords as I am well aware the 8th and 9th generations have their full share of problems. I change the oil religiously every 3k miles with synthetic blend and a super tech filter (yes the cheapest filter ever) and the motor runs great! It won't win any beauty pageant but she won't fall you ever up until well after 250k miles!
Two issues: front and rear brake rotors are crap. I do a lot of mountain driving and the front rotors have warped several times. The rear rotors have cracked. I just installed drilled and slotted rotors on the rear and all is good. I had one issue with the car going into limp mode after returning from a trip to Vegas. Literally happened as I turned down my street. Pulled the code and it was the VTEC sensor. Common problem, $60 part at Honda. Easier to change than a spark plug. All is good. It does consume more oil than my prior Honda. 5 spd manual is fun to drive. Definitely would buy another, but I only have 100K miles on this one.
I will never buy a honda. I have a 2005 honda accord
2010- rebuilt motor @ 75,000 miles
2012- rebuilt transmission- less than 100,00 miles
2013-Just put in a door lock actuators
137,000 miles
First off, my drivers side (manual)door lock failed to open with key'
I feared someone might have tried to break in. Now my passenger side
fails to open with key. LOcksmiths and autobody shops say its common
on Hondas and quote $300.00 each to repair.
Front brakes gradually exhibited rotor problems. Now my starter motor
(which requires alot of labor ) had to be replaced, along with my less than two year battery at a cost of $650.00. My extended warranty just ran out and I got a notice to bring it in on a transmision safety recall.
Best car I have ever owned.
The Accord has been a pleasure to own. It drives smoothly, has pretty good acceleration (I have the V6) and has been very very reliable. I did get a check engine light once which turned out to be a bad catalytic converter so that needed to be repaired. That was replaced by Honda at no charge because Honda has an extended emissions warranty. I definitely will consider buying another Honda in the future, or maybe an Acura!