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2005 Honda Accord (5 Reviews)
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Two issues: front and rear brake rotors are crap. I do a lot of mountain driving and the front rotors have warped several times. The rear rotors have cracked. I just installed drilled and slotted rotors on the rear and all is good. I had one issue with the car going into limp mode after returning from a trip to Vegas. Literally happened as I turned down my street. Pulled the code and it was the VTEC sensor. Common problem, $60 part at Honda. Easier to change than a spark plug. All is good. It does consume more oil than my prior Honda. 5 spd manual is fun to drive. Definitely would buy another, but I only have 100K miles on this one.
I will never buy a honda. I have a 2005 honda accord
2010- rebuilt motor @ 75,000 miles
2012- rebuilt transmission- less than 100,00 miles
2013-Just put in a door lock actuators
137,000 miles
First off, my drivers side (manual)door lock failed to open with key'
I feared someone might have tried to break in. Now my passenger side
fails to open with key. LOcksmiths and autobody shops say its common
on Hondas and quote $300.00 each to repair.
Front brakes gradually exhibited rotor problems. Now my starter motor
(which requires alot of labor ) had to be replaced, along with my less than two year battery at a cost of $650.00. My extended warranty just ran out and I got a notice to bring it in on a transmision safety recall.
Best car I have ever owned.
The Accord has been a pleasure to own. It drives smoothly, has pretty good acceleration (I have the V6) and has been very very reliable. I did get a check engine light once which turned out to be a bad catalytic converter so that needed to be repaired. That was replaced by Honda at no charge because Honda has an extended emissions warranty. I definitely will consider buying another Honda in the future, or maybe an Acura!