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2004 Honda Accord (18 Reviews)
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2004 accord ex v6 rebuilt trans twice changed power steering hose then had a recall 2013 replace power steering pump twice.
I have a 2004 Honda. I am the only driver and take very good care of my car and always have routine main. done on it. The bushings are worn and torn right now. Only 102,000 miles on it. Their is a problem right now with the axle maybe. It is in the shop now. Told by another shop Honda is notorious for problems on the car that wear your tires out. I have been told their is a problem. The doors lock on me at times without notice and have read their were transmission problems on the 2004. The Honda dealer prices are way up there and there should be a recall on the bushings and the axle if it is indeed a problem now. Don't think I will buy another Honda. I am furious that this car has these problems when it is suppose to be such a good car and I have taken such good care of it.
I have replaced a oxygen cecsor,brakes not too often.Sometimes I get cool air coming from the right side and warm from the left.I have had something wrong like it may be the tort in transmission.My car shakes at about 40 miles an hour.Honda want change the transmission fluid,they says it may not drive after.No one can really say what is wrong.It gets good gas mileage.I am pleased with it other wise.My right seat belt is off don't know what is wrong.
2004 Accord radio comes on by itself....the car is is turned off......
i have had to replace the battery........
even my local mechanic can't figure this one out
no electrial problems otherwise
has a red light on, in dash looks like a man with the seatbelt on and looks like an airbag in front of him, what does it mean ?
I purchased my 2004 accord new, it has 72,000 miles and I just did My 2nd Trans Oil change. I've changed the brakes twice & I change my oil every 3k miles. Drives like new. LOVE this car!!!!
We've owned this V6 since new. Other than brakes and tires, we've had almost no problems. Power steering pump is just now starting to make noise (93K miles). Not even a tune up - I put some cleaner in the gas tank every year or so and it runs great, mpg is still where it was when new. What more can you ask for?
bought this 2004 Honda 4 cycle back at end of 2004 new, great car. Just replacing the brakes now 2011 I'm heavy on it (break's) city diver NYC Staten inland to Brooklyn all in all no problem's yet!! Have 70,000 miles as of today year of 02/17/2011,, just a little noise up front when veh is stop in / at traffic brought many times to (honda)check, said it was normal but like I said I'm happy and so is my wife with the Honda!
I own a v6 which I bought it new. I regularly took this to the dealer for sceduled maintenance. Howevr, transmission failed at 90k miles. Throttle body sensor failed at 100k miles which required the replacement of the whole throttle body rather than only the sensor. Front struts failed at 100k miles. Contrary to my expectations from Honda cars, lots of problems with this car.
I bought 04 ACCORD V6 brand new and have put on over 160,000 miles. Never have any problems whatsoever with this car . I will drive it until it dies. I also previously owned a 1990 Accord and never had any problems either. It had almost 190,000 miles on it until I got into an accident. I would own another Accord again. Of course, I maintain my car very well as recommended in the owner's manual. We have owned 7 Honda cars in the family. Love Honda cars!!!!
The only trouble I have had with my Accord is with the brakes. I am not an agressive driver, but, I have to replace the brake pads much more frequently than in any other car that I have owned during my almost 47 years of driving.
I bought my 2004 accord V-6 brand new. I have never had any problems with it at all. It has been the best car I have ever owned. All car manufacturers have their problems and I must say Honda has impressed me. I do love my accord and I am pretty sure my next car will be a Honda also.
Great car for the money. The 6-cylinder with Navigation and leather has all of the benefits of the Acura without the price.
Bought my 04 Honda V6 new and have not had any problems with it other than I'm just now replacing the rear brake pads. I replaced the tires earlier this year and it really increased my MPG. I LOVE this car and will drive it until it dies.
My 2004 Accord V6 is great - Except the AC blows cold on the right and left is warm.
Had it to the dealer and they are telling me the condenser is clogged. My questions is if the condenser is clogged why do I have ice cold air on the right and warm on the left.
They want over 2,000 to replace everything. OMG
I own the 4 Cycle EX. This car has been fantastic. I just replaced the original brakes at 72K and still had some life left. The brakes do make alot of noise. Original tires still on the car. I change my oil regularly at 3K miles. This car is great on gas in the 30's highway. My commute is mixed but more highway.
I have had electrical and engine problems with car costing over $3000 in repairs. Rear brakes need replaced every year and sometimes twice a year.
I bought a used 04 Accord four months ago. I had a mechanic run through the car before purchasing the vehilce ( due to the fact that the previous 98 accord I had purchased from dealer needed frame work, etc). He said it was fine an clean no less then a week later did the seat heater for passenger seat stop working due to the fact the electric seat had run the cord over to send power to the switch. Second it started making strange noises while steering due to fact it needed a steering rack. Third my tranny started slipping and next thing u know i almost get into a car accident because transmission fails in the middle of two very busy merging freeways during peak traffic hours. I also found out that it needs a new power steering pump. Honda = Reliable?? I am starting to think not!