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2005 GMC Yukon Denali (14 Reviews)
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I purchased the pickup new. You could add all the vehicles that I have owned in the past 37 years where the headlights burnt out or failed due to any electrical problems and would find that this truck has burned far more lamps than the past 37 years. The lamps have been changed each time with factory specification lamps. Mainly Daytime running lights and low beams.A number of dash light have burnt out.
Another frustrating item is dash light changing intensity or even going out completely. Why no Recall on there Electrical System? Give me a good reason to stay brand loyal if they wont fix there problems!
Bought my 05' Denali new and it now has 99,100 miles on it. It's been a great SUV but it might be showing issues now. 1) I hate the fact the front seats don't recline all the way. 2) Electrical issues (radio turns off for no reason, bulbs burn out all the time, dash lights lite up like a Christmas tree and shut off for no reason, POSS Traction button engages for no reason. 3) AC/Heater doors lock in wrong position. Replaced them already at 67k. AC get hot when I want it cold and the Heater gets cold when I want heat. WTF?? 4) The water pump went out. 5) The rear defroster cable broke off. 6) The brake cable broke. For an American car, it's pretty good. Comfortable to drive and has great power but the gas mileage sucks! 10-11 miles to a gallon?? Time to trade it in.
I have owned my SUV since 2006 bought it with 15000 on it. Just roled over to 106K and my front passenger speaker took a crap. Can you even replace these speakers without messing up the stereo system in general. A/C got stuck on heat just on the driver side. So now truck has no heat but its a Florida truck anyway. Who needs heat? Everything else on this vehicle works great. I would definately buy another one.
2005 GMC Yukon Denali
Have had my Denali for 7 years and it has been a delight! Very few problems have occurred outside of the regular (tires, lights, and oil maintenance). I too have had some weird electrical occurrences: truck's off and door opened and lights and radio still on (have to open another door to cut all off). All-in-all, great truck. Now's time to get new paint job and tune-up!
Love my 2005 Yukon Denali. Owned it since new, keep it in mint condition but I have three weird re-occurances that I hope I can get some advice on because I'm losing faith in Mr. Goodwrench. 1. Climate control actuator misbehaving again -- pumps out heat when I want AC. 2. Electrical system has mind of its own -- when I remove key and open the door, radio and lights remain on. I have to open another door to shut off the radio/lights. 3. Poor solder job on the rear defroster wiring on the deck lid's window. Broken loose several times. Is there anything else that can be done. Stupid idea on GM's part to have two flimsy telephone-cord type wires exposed like that with some less-than-adequate soldering. Duh! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the heads-up on the brake lines. I'll be sure to look out for that since my truck's approaching 100k miles.
the wire that connects the defroster that one welded came off how can i weld it back?
Beware of the rusting brake line issue. Sudden loss of brakes and shocked to find brake fluid leaking under the drivers side door. Looked under and noticed my brake lines rusted and leaking brake fluid all over the ground. Obviously I am not the only one in the country going through this issue. My vehicle will sit until GMC is forced to correct the problem. DO NOT BUY THIS VEHICLE USED YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought mine new and garage kept :-(
Bought our Yukon about a year and a half ago with 89,000 miles. Up to 130,000 now. Overall very nice car. Front break hose collapsed last summer. Bearing with sensor went out on front wheel (sensor on a wheel bearing?!?). Service Airbag just came on. Love the truck, but high maintenance.
I've had my Denali for 51/2 years and love it. I've had no major problems with it and I am at 65,000 miles. My only complaint is why don't the front seats recline all the way down?
95,ooo miles engine oil pressure failure. Two shops confirmed metal in oil, forced to purchase new engine. This is my third denali and thought this one was built cheaper. Front light burned out caused electrical issues. All service records indicate maintained per standards set in manual. Not very happy!
Had the truck for 3 years, bough it used with 37,000 miles on it. Had to replace power brake booster and headlight bulbs, brakes, tires, etc. Has 96,000 now and has had some airbag sensor issues. Just got an extended warranty as the transmission is acting funny. Its been a great vehicle for the money!!!!!!
Brakes suck 113,000 miles and on the fifth set of brakes. speedometer broken, parking brake broken, a/c fan works on and off. auto ride not working. What next. Just when you get it paid off it starts biting back. Battery is too small for all the lighting and acc. drive lights keep burning out.
I love this SUV I have 135000 miles and I have had no problems until know. The water pump is leaking. I figure replace it and hopefully nothing else will act up.. It does seem to go through headlights though.
No problems so far