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1996 Geo Prizm (6 Reviews)
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i have a 1996 geo prizm lsi 1.6 liter bought the car in 97 with 18.000 miles on it best car i hve ever had drove it from boulder to providence RI and back twice this car never misses a beat.keep the oil changed and all the other little details the car will run
for ever just turned 166990 miles only thing replaced starter/timing belt/water pump and it was only a maintance thing on my part nothing broke just did it for my pice of mind
96 Prizm 334,000 miles! 36mpg, burns a little oil, power steering now leaks, seat belts sometimes don't reel out freely, no power options, door locks don't work in the winter ... look past these minor things and all is well. Today, motor mount gave way dropping engine onto transmission - can't shift at all. Have we come to the end of the road ??? I sincerely hope not, as this little car really rocks!
We've had this 1996 Geo Prizm Lsi for about four years now. It currently has approximately 145k miles. I love this car and it has been a real champ! Still gets 26-30mpg and the air blows cold... I mean the kind of cold where it's 104 outside and you need to turn down (or is it up?) the a/c cause your too cold! I abuse (it is a truck as well, didn't you know?) this poor thing and it just keeps on tick'n.
I have a 96 Geo Prizm that I got after it was terribly abused by the previous owners. It had 208,000 on it when I bought it 12/2010, and now has 220,000 miles. Even abused, this car has never left me stranded! I have recently put a lot of "preventative" parts into it (timing belt, serpentine belt, v-belt, water pump, radiator, struts all the way around). It is not the prettiest car I've seen, but i would trust it with my life (I have 5 children and wouldn't hesitate taking them on a long trip in this car). The EGR valve was blocked but found it easy to clean! Over all GREAT car, that my 15 yr old will start driving next year!!! :)
Love, love, love this car. It might not be the most glamorous car.but it has never left me stranded on the side of the road and I have had it for almost ten years. It has 216K miles and all it has needed besides maintenance is front wheel bearings and a clutch. Amazing car! The only downside is the dark green ones seem to fad in the sun.
My 1996 Geo Prizm has 135,000 miles on it and gets about 36 mpg. Factory-installed brakes lasted until 105,000! 120,000 miles: Replaced starter motor. 120,000 miles: Creak somewhere in front driver's side disappeared after shop inspected and repacked axle bearings (although none were replaced). Rear driver's side auto lock sticks and CD player finally started skipping at 130,000. Interior fabric and plastic in good but typical shape for a 14 yr-old vehicle.

No other mechanical issues or repairs. An excellent car with great gas mileage in this era of SUV guzzlers.