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2000 Dodge Neon (7 Reviews)
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I bought my 2000 Neon ES used in 2006 and they will have to pry it my cold dead fingers off the wheel to get it away from me! The car has been very good to me even tho I did a lot of work to it, by choice. I replaced the head due to worn cam saddles,and just replaced the rear brakes @131,xxx miles. Unknown if they were original. While I was in there the rear brake cylinders were leaking so I replaced them @ 25.00 for the set. 2years ago the factory radiator started to leak and I intsalled a new one for 100.0. the car has always started up no matter the weather. This is my second Neon, the first being a 1999 Neon HP Sport coupe with the 2.0 DOHC. I sold it and the kid trashed it, so sadly it is no more. I would recommend a Neon to anyone.
so my girl hit awal mart bag a week ago,and the neon has been overhating since,where is the air intake under the front of my car so i can check for debris.
Bought my Neon new in 2000 off the showroom floor and absolutely love it!!! I get about 34 mpg. in town and nearly 40 on the highway. I consider this one of the best cars ever made, so of course, that's why they quit making them. This is my second Neon, my first is a 1997 that is still on the road with over 200,000 miles on it. My 2000 has 77,000 miles on it. My daughter-in-law just got her first car and it is a Neon as well. These cars go forever with proper maintenance. Chrysler needs to bring these cars back so that folks can have a safe, economical and affordable vehicle in these troubled times. I've driven Mopar all my life and intend to continue to do so.
love my car - bought a 2000 in 2001 would recommend to anyone.
I bought my 2000 Dodge Neon new. I drive it to work every day
(100 miles round trip). 280,000 miles and counting. I've replaced parts here and there, mostly due to my own negligence. Recently I've considered purchasing a new (or gently used) vehicle, and have been drawn towards getting another Neon. If you change the oil regularly and follow the suggested maintenance, this vehicle will last you a LONG time. I can't help but to think "if there was a road to the moon, my neon could've made it there".
I've had this car for over a year and it's caused me nothing but problems. I had to replace my radiator twice, and my brake shoes have come apart.
Bought this car used from a private seller have had it for a little while now and has not caused me any sort of problem. I love it great on gas! the only problem now is that the a/c clutch just went out. But that is the only problem i have had since i bought it. I will defintely get another neon after this one.