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I recently bought a neon from my daughter,her husband paid 1200$for it used.They took it to the beach where it over heated in traffic .When the "mechanic"looked at it,he told them it needed a headgasket and told them it would be 1400$to fix it!I'm not a mechanic ,i'm a carpenter but i gave them 400$ for the car and i replaced the thermostat housing unit and poured in a can of Blue Devil 55$ total to fix it!Runs fine,no leaks at all,Great stuff
I have a low compression on #2 engine cylinder. If you have water coming in your car it's from your rear tail lights! The gaskets are made of form not rubber 2" thick??? The cheap way to fix it,, is with making tape and tube of clear 100% silicone calking. Go around the outside of the tail lights, it will last for years. I have 180,000 miles, real nice car. You can get big cars now with 30 mpg for the same price.
Owned this car for ten years now. No problems. It is my favorite car. I can't upgrade, they stopped making these nice cars. I owned 3 neons and loved em all..they are great. Low maintenance, cheap repairs..
I bought my neon in 2006 with 1200 miles on it. It currently has 144000 miles and it has up until this point really not given me any major problems.
the car steering wheel is hard to turn right or left it seems to be locked everything else is good there is 10300,miles can someone help me understand why its hard to turn what maybe a solution to fix this problem my friends said the car still looks new wow

2001 neon 11 yrs old 79721 miles been good car up to about 2 months, started loosing power on the way to work ping noise from engine running very rough check engine light used code reader 2 codes bad fuel mixture misfire number 3 found broken spark plug changed problem still there took to shop. number 3 cylinder piston has hole in it shop took picture through spark plug hole I've worked on cars 40 years and never seen this
My car has always been reliable...up to the now 88,000 miles.
Only two major issues have been...since a wreck in front end many years back...(not my fault; repaired)...the A/C was NEVER fixed THREE different garages. So now I have NO A/C...and the SUMMERS KEEP GETTING HOTTER..MAKES ME REALLY ANGRY. Also...since 2009...the bottom side boards keep re-rusting; I had them redone twice; now there is a HOLE. I think I may be ready to trade it in...only due to no A/C & the rust. ALWAYS BEEN A GOOD CAR THOUGH. Loved the light metallic green.
I bought my 2000 Neon ES used in 2006 and they will have to pry it my cold dead fingers off the wheel to get it away from me! The car has been very good to me even tho I did a lot of work to it, by choice. I replaced the head due to worn cam saddles,and just replaced the rear brakes @131,xxx miles. Unknown if they were original. While I was in there the rear brake cylinders were leaking so I replaced them @ 25.00 for the set. 2years ago the factory radiator started to leak and I intsalled a new one for 100.0. the car has always started up no matter the weather. This is my second Neon, the first being a 1999 Neon HP Sport coupe with the 2.0 DOHC. I sold it and the kid trashed it, so sadly it is no more. I would recommend a Neon to anyone.
so my girl hit awal mart bag a week ago,and the neon has been overhating since,where is the air intake under the front of my car so i can check for debris.
my car his doing a front noise in the passeger side i put both balljoint can some one tell me what can be i will give u thanks
We just hit 325,000 miles, care gets 34 mpg on the highway (86 miles each way to work). At 200,000 we replaced the struts, at 275,000 or so the timing belt went out; 3 days before the appointment to replace it. Next week we are taking it in and having the rear main seal and the clutch replaced. I paid $10,700 for it brand-new-no complaints at all!
i have a 2001 dodge neon and it keeps on overheating and i caint figure out the problem i looked behind the back of the motor and seen water spuing every where and i dont no cause i caint see wat the problem is
Have a 1998 neon with double overhead cam engine, the fans don't want to work, have done everyting that we can think to do, also engine check lite, won't go out no fault found
it is over heating and the fans do not work please help
Bought my Neon new in 2000 off the showroom floor and absolutely love it!!! I get about 34 mpg. in town and nearly 40 on the highway. I consider this one of the best cars ever made, so of course, that's why they quit making them. This is my second Neon, my first is a 1997 that is still on the road with over 200,000 miles on it. My 2000 has 77,000 miles on it. My daughter-in-law just got her first car and it is a Neon as well. These cars go forever with proper maintenance. Chrysler needs to bring these cars back so that folks can have a safe, economical and affordable vehicle in these troubled times. I've driven Mopar all my life and intend to continue to do so.
Have a 98 neon w/ 55,000 miles on it. Recently ive been getting lousy gas mileage and the engine is backfiring but it seems to backfire from front of engine.Chkd plugs and are fine. Put diagnostic on it and code 150 ? came up. Does anyone have any advice as to what is problem? Thank you. Cresh.
I got my neon a year and a half ago now with 55000 miles for 3500$. very pleased with the deal i went a year and a half trouble free with just regular oil changes, this summer the transmission failed at about 76000 miles because the trans cooler was integrated into the radiator and it cracked and began cycling coolant through my transmission. ball joints and control arm bushings, probably partially my fault as i do enjoy the excellent handling for an economy orientated car. gas mileage could be better, but cant complain at mid to high 20's for MPG. interior is plenty spacious but the cd player can be temperamental. the body has held up excellently after 7 years of michigan winters and heavily salted roads, just 2 or 3 spots of rust along a few scrapes on the rocker panels. just had overhaul the rear drums because of a failed wheel cylinder that leaked all the brake fluid out all over the brake assembly every couple of days, front discs need work, the rotors are badly warped but pads seem ok for now. problems like any other car but i am still very pleased with my neon.
5-speed RT - love it with one exception. It goes through wiper motors (three in 10 years and not used extensively). Bought second hand in 2000, has less than 80,000 miles on it. Terrific condition inside and out
Bought it from a dealer in 2007 for $1500.00 certified and e-tested. Drove it every day. No problems. Passed e-test in 2009. I'l keep it for another 2 years.
love my car - bought a 2000 in 2001 would recommend to anyone.
I bought my 2000 Dodge Neon new. I drive it to work every day
(100 miles round trip). 280,000 miles and counting. I've replaced parts here and there, mostly due to my own negligence. Recently I've considered purchasing a new (or gently used) vehicle, and have been drawn towards getting another Neon. If you change the oil regularly and follow the suggested maintenance, this vehicle will last you a LONG time. I can't help but to think "if there was a road to the moon, my neon could've made it there".
I love my 1995 neon sc.I have replaced the ac, timing belt, head gasket, tie rods, ball bearings, 2 sensors, and rotors since i bought the car in 2001. I still get 35-38 mpg. The radio went out last month so I will get a new one soon. Has over 225000 miles.
I have driven this car for seven years and it still has the original battery and tires. No repairs except oil changes. Mileage is good.
Still only have 28000 miles but so far its a very dependable car.
I have had this Neon for under 2 years... I have never been able to drive it for more than 3 months without a repair having to happen.. I have had to replace the tires within the first 3 months, all brakes, rodars, starter, alternator, muffler, and also wheel barrings. Not to mention the oil changes to keep it up to date. I would never recommend a neon to ANYONE.... its a pain!!
2005 Neon SXT Brand new, I'll never buy another DODGE..# 3 cylinder went on engine ( 3 weeks in shop..under powertrain warrenty ) brakes, I paid for them,and shouldn't have at ,tires had to be replaced within a year, AC compressor, and starting sensor all replaced under After Market Warrenty at 100.00 deductible each time, and to top it off the dash started cracking and now has cracked all the way toward steering wheel after 1 one will replace this manuf. defect!!! Oh the car does not even have 47,000 miles on it!!!
bought this car brand new for wife she loves it but is get old and worn down it has over 200k miles on it need to get around and do some work on it but it has been a great car the only problem is that it is black gets really hot inside when sun is out
I've had this car for over a year and it's caused me nothing but problems. I had to replace my radiator twice, and my brake shoes have come apart.
bought this car in march of 2003 and is very reliable. changed battery and anti-freeze in 2008 only because they were 5 years old. replaced tires in 2010 at 45000 miles with generals..gets 29+/- mpg around town. have had no problems except regular mtn...has a/t a/c pw bra pw ste pw wind pw locks cd player. a friend i work with offered me 5500 dollars for it, not bad since i paid about 11000 for it in 2003
this car is starting to give me a headach
I've had this car since November 2007 and I've put a good 50k miles on it since I bought it at 42k miles. Just before 80,000 she wouldn't start one morning, had to be towed to my mechanic who couldn't fix it, took it to the dealer and it would up being an issue with the anti theft sensor that receives a signal from the chip in the key, it wasn't recognising it. Saved $800 by having it be covered under the 80k warranty.

Just hit 90k and started having the check engine light come on. Not sure what the issue is, but my mechanic says it will be around $1400 to fix, ouch.

I also had the same problem with water leaking into the car, but mine was in the rear drivers side floor in the back seat and in the bottom of the trunk. Havent gotten it fixed but I also say it should be a recall issue.