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2004 Dodge Durango (10 Reviews)
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I bought my 04 in 2008. I had to replace the battery and alternator in 2012. Now I am replacing the fuel pump, pinion seal, the muffler shield bolts have rusted off, and getting a major tune-up - $1,200.
Jan 2012 I had 115K miles now I have 180K miles. 65K miles in 2 yrs. I love my truck. But when it need repairs they are costly.
my suv is almost 10 yrs old the only trouble I had is now... I cant understand why it overheat. just replaced the theromast and still overheat any idea on why it doing this
My Durango has 165,000 on it, I love it I have started to look for another one but i'm not having any trouble with the one I have it is going to hit over 200,000 this year I know but it has been one of the best SUV I have ever owned I have just done reg. maintance on it Oil and stuff 3 sets of new tires. I would just hope to get one with less miles on it as a woman i have always felt confindent going anywhere in it with my grandkids I'm keeping it till it dies?
when ever that might be !
Hello I have a 04 dodge durango 132,000 on it and the only issue I have is the left exhaust manifold I just took it in for the gasket to be replaced and the last stud kept on breaking on it I was told that the manifold was warped with really didn't surprise me since I have heard story's about these manifold designs are not very good I want to just put headers on but cost to much oh well but other than that it has been a great SUV pull a lot of stuff and had fun still fun to drive.
We bought our Durango new back in 2004 and have had nothing but problems since. While it was under warranty we had the radiator replaced. We have had many electrical issues such as the cd player no longer works, the heat and a/c only work on high, none of the interior lights work, the lights for the heater no longer work and the list just goes on. Those are the minor problems though at this point we are repairing the second head gasket, we have had to put a new rear end in since it burnt up and caught on fire, I replace brakes religiously once ever 10 months. I still love the way that our SUV looks but I would never recommend it to anyone. Once we get it back from the repair shop it will be up for sale. The sad thing is that it only has 112,000 miles.
I bought my durango when it had 69000 miles on it I have had it for 2 years now it is a 04 4.7. I now have 107000 miles on it towing and hauling a lot of stuff. No issues with it other then the usual Had to replace the front 2 o2 sensors and new exhaust manifold gaskets. But for as much as I drive it towing and hauling great comfort and still have fun driving it.
We bought our Durango Limited with the 5.7 Hemi in August, 2004. The truck now has almost 60,000 miles. We have no maintenance issues to speak of other than a cruise control issue that was resolved with a computer update. So far we have replaced one set of tires and performed one brake job. Like everyone else, I wish the fuel mileage were better, but hey, its a HEMI! I would buy another one of these and recommend this vehicle to anyone. It is to bad that Dodge has elected to terminate production. It is and was one of the best U.S. manufactured SUV's in the market and one of the least expensive as well when you consider the "bang for the buck" the machine has to offer.
This is a review on my wife's 2004 Durango 4.7 liter. Everything on the vehicle still feels pretty solid. The only issue we have seen out of it is where the pipe from the exhaust manifolds comes down and connects to the reset of the exhaust the gasket keeps going bad and that point keeps getting loose. Also it appears there is no an issue with the left exhaust manifold itself and it will need to be replaced. If it were not for the exhaust issues and a couple times where her dash lights have done some strange things it would be a great vehicle. It still has taken a lot of miles and towing abuse so we can not complain too much just yet.
Bought new, 2004 Limited 5.7 HEMI
About 50,000 miles on it now with no problems at all, it has served as a 7 passenger bus, and with all the back seats folded down has done house renovation duties, very versatile.
The handling for such a large thing has shocked me at times, did I just do that? I also own a sports car, so I have something to compare to, and this thing handles amazingly well.
It does love the gas station though, I would say about 15MPG is about average, but it does have a big V8, so thats expected.
Also unstoppable in the snow, it's All Wheel Drive, nothing needs switching, unless you want to go off road, then you can choose to lock it in 4X4 mode, or 4X4 low mode.
DVD player is nice for the kids on those long trips.
Bought this Durango with 2,000 miles on it and my wife drives the hell out of it, never had any problems.