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Rust!!...I own a 2005 Dodge Durango Limited which I purchased while I was stationed at Fort Drum, NY and while I like the power of the 5.7 liter Hemi and the 3rd row seating the extreme problems with rust on these vehicles is recall worthy.
2003 Durango since 2004 , with 8,000 miles on it. Still have same 13 year old Truck , with 112,000 miles and have never had any major engine issues, all repairs have been normal ware & tear . this baby has been driven cross. Country twice & numerous times from Virginia to Pennsylvania. I would definitely recommend 2003 model. I had all recall parts replaced free of charge at dodge dealer. I love this truck. I think dodge Should have stuck with the 2003 model, verses any of there New Dodge Durango
we bought our Durango (2005) in 2014 and everything seemed fine at first, but the A/C stopped working, then the car would just cut off out of no where. And I recently wrecked it due to the car stalling on me and the steering wheel wouldn't move or the breaks would not work. So needless to say I would not be buying another Durango after seeing all the recalls on them.
Bought my 2007 new May 2007. It now has nearly 110,000 on it. Still runs like new. Never been in the shop except for routine maintenance. Tows my trailer like a champ, room for all the kids and the dog. Very comfortable seats. 4x4 handles anything it encounters. Looks great on the road. I would recommend to anyone. Only downside is typical poor gas mileage with the V8.
I bought my 04 in 2008. I had to replace the battery and alternator in 2012. Now I am replacing the fuel pump, pinion seal, the muffler shield bolts have rusted off, and getting a major tune-up - $1,200.
Jan 2012 I had 115K miles now I have 180K miles. 65K miles in 2 yrs. I love my truck. But when it need repairs they are costly.
RUST!!! Within one year of owning this truck my back lid began rusting out. By years 5 the back fender under the gas filler door area began rusting badly. Lots of minor interior problems that happened under warranty and were replaced with no problem however, when it came to the rust, no dealer wanted anything to do with it. What's a warranty for again? The brakes are way undersized for this vehicle as is the cheap suspension. Torsion bars front and back that rust after a few years (good luck getting replacements) and springs in the back that are worthless. I've done so much replacement work to the suspension I could have rebuilt few trucks by now. Oh, the ball joints, that a whole other problem. Love the giddy up and go from my Hemi, but not worth the hassle!
my suv is almost 10 yrs old the only trouble I had is now... I cant understand why it overheat. just replaced the theromast and still overheat any idea on why it doing this
i have a 2005 dodge durango that has 119,000 miles on it it has started over heating so i replace water pump serpentine belt thermostat and it ran for a little while now i replaced a radiator on it and it is still overheating to the point where it will not drive in order for me to keep it running i have to hold it to the floor to even start it there is no oil in water and no leaks on this vehicle no one knows what else can be wrong with it any other ideas doge come on i see im not the only one complaining about this
My Durango has 165,000 on it, I love it I have started to look for another one but i'm not having any trouble with the one I have it is going to hit over 200,000 this year I know but it has been one of the best SUV I have ever owned I have just done reg. maintance on it Oil and stuff 3 sets of new tires. I would just hope to get one with less miles on it as a woman i have always felt confindent going anywhere in it with my grandkids I'm keeping it till it dies?
when ever that might be !
Besides Leather seating,there is alot of plastic which does break,really easily!!!Especially on the lower part of the seats.
I bought my Durango in 2004 with 26,000 miles on it.
Now in 2012 I would have to say it is the best vehicle
I have ever owned. It now has 140,00 miles on it and has never let
me down. I have only replaced the radiator, alternator, front wheel bearings, upper ball joints and the right outer tie rod end.
I have had 3 sets of tires on it and never had to do an alighment
on it. I do have to say that I did all the work on it myself.
All repairs were very simnple to do. I will say that the reason the truck is lasting so long is because of regular service done to it. I live in upstate New York so the winters are very bad. The body is holding up very well almost no rust at all. If I could find another one in as good a shape as mine I would buy it for a back up. The ride is great. I would recomend the 03 Durango to anyone. I drove an 04 (the new style) and it is not as nice as my 03. Oh buy the way, it still has the original battery in it.
We bought our 2007 Dodge Durango new. We have not had any problems with the vehicle. We would recommend this vehicle to anyone. We love it and maintain it when recommended.
Would like some info concerning the handle that contols the steering wheel in a up or down position. Mine doesn't work and the steering wheel is in the down position. Is there an easy way to remove / replace or tighten up. Or do I need to purchace another one ?
the control for the front air do not work
2002 Durango. Bought it with 97,000 miles. I pull a 6x12 utility trailer every workday. Many times it's loaded with a full pallet of hardwood flooring, ofter over 2000 lbs.. 12-14 miles to a gallon with load, 16-19 w/out trailer. Relpaced front brake calipres at 135,000 and no other issues. Currently have 168,000 and simply love my vehicle. I switched to Mobile One Synthetic as soon as i got it. Change the filter 3-5000miles and the oil each 30,000. Well pleased with performance.
bought durango used. nad 103k on it .well theproblems started dealer said nothing wrong.good rig so took it in had trans fluid changed found out automatictranmissions overdrive snapring broke. 2500 repair. well at least we got a warranty with it so they paid 2k of it. yahk good. it also had bad wheel bearing and bad altenator and brakes battreyand other stuff just real lemon dealer got his money and would'nt do anything about it
I purchased my 2002 Durango SLT in the fall of 03. It had 28k on it and was beautiful. It's now 2011 and guess what. It's still beautiful and has been a great truck since day one. Most durango owners do not know the differences between a car and a truck. most think of a Durango as big 4 wheel Drive stationwagon. Nothing could be further than the truth. I've heard of many horor stories of the 4.7 engine being bad and eventually blowing up. What that is really is a total lack of reading the owners manual, knowledge of trucks over cars and differences in maintaining them.
Trucks natually get used more and work harder than the family van or station wagon. The key to success is maintenance. Change your oil every 3500 miles with HIGH quality synthetic 10w-40w oil and a fram double filter. I have 185,000 miles on mine and still is as strong as it was the day I bought it. Yes I've had some serious issues. My back brakes locked up on the intersrtate 3 days after I purchased it. Lucky it was still under the factory warranty at the time. It was almost $5000 to fix. They put in a whole new transmisson. But listening to all these people who have had their engines blow up just tells me they didn't read the owners manual, and they didn't do proper maintenance on a scheduled basis. When it was brought out years ago that the 4.7L engine was getting filled up with sludge and the engine would blow because the oil sump was to small it should be a warning to anyone to go to a higer viscosity thinner oil with a higer break down rating. Synthetic oil does not foam up like regular oil. It also does not form sludge inside the engine. I only did one year of standard motor oil when I purchased my Durango. ever since I have always used high grade Castrol or Ultra High mobile one and changed the oil between 4500- 5000 miles without exception.
That's why i have 185 miles on mine and it is so quiet you sometimes can't tell its even running. The only real fault I find is that the A/C system is lacking. It really never has gotten cold unless on the highway. My 89 Dakota has an A/C system that would freeze water on the front seat...LOL I wish that system were in my Durango.
when i start my car it runs but when i get it above 35rpm it misses.
I have had my truck since new,I love it very much,I am 66 years old,Go ever where in it.Replace brakes once,Air works good.Not a lot miles.Thank you
Hello I have a 04 dodge durango 132,000 on it and the only issue I have is the left exhaust manifold I just took it in for the gasket to be replaced and the last stud kept on breaking on it I was told that the manifold was warped with really didn't surprise me since I have heard story's about these manifold designs are not very good I want to just put headers on but cost to much oh well but other than that it has been a great SUV pull a lot of stuff and had fun still fun to drive.
my grandpa has a 2002 dodge durango i'd say it's a good car but not as good as his 1990 chevy suburban he used to have until it got stolden i'm more of a ford fan anyway but the durango is still good it has four wheel drive it's good for pulling his boat it's a reliable car looks nice has pretty good interior
I bought my Durango Limited with the 5.7 Hemi used in November 1997 with 38,088, I have about 72,000 miles on it now. I have no maintenance issues to speak of. I only wished the fuel mileage was better, but hey, its a HEMI!!!! I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. ITS A GREAT SUV and I LOVE MINES!!!!!
I absolutely love my durango but it needs some TLC the shift lever broke :S a mechanic said I need to replace the whole steering column...that is pretty pricey I was wondering if there is anyway to find the one little connector and just replace that I DON'T KNOW because I am a lady that knows nothing about repairs. I need my radiator replaced. Before anything went wrong with my truck I loved it but am pretty discouraged because of things I have been told to get the proper repairs etc...
We bought our Durango new back in 2004 and have had nothing but problems since. While it was under warranty we had the radiator replaced. We have had many electrical issues such as the cd player no longer works, the heat and a/c only work on high, none of the interior lights work, the lights for the heater no longer work and the list just goes on. Those are the minor problems though at this point we are repairing the second head gasket, we have had to put a new rear end in since it burnt up and caught on fire, I replace brakes religiously once ever 10 months. I still love the way that our SUV looks but I would never recommend it to anyone. Once we get it back from the repair shop it will be up for sale. The sad thing is that it only has 112,000 miles.
Bought the Durango with 24,000 miles. Still had 7 months on 3yr 36,000 warranty. This is the flex fuel 4.7 V-8. Average 12 mph mostly in city and taking it easy. Got 19 mpg on freeway using AC going around 70 using regular fuel. Gas cap light came on 8 days after warranty expired. Has less that 34,000 on it. Now check engine light comes on too. Mileage is dropping. Code says it a "vehicle emissions" problem. Performance Chrysler/ Dodge in La Vista Omaha, where I bought it, would not do anything about it. I will fix the problem, then sell it and never buy another car from Performance and most likely will buy a Honda after I replace this one. Thank you Performance Dodge for such sh*tty service.
I absolutly love my Durango, "Knock on wood" i have never had a single problem. But its almost 10 years old and its starting to show its age. The windows are acting up sometimes they wont go up and down, and the radio will shut down completly if u move the bass switch. Compared to cars the same age as mine, its in GREAT shape and condition!! :))
SLT 4.7, auto, 4wd, dual air, leather.
Bought this new in 01. Every day driver and tows 18.5' boat. Very happy with the performance of this vehicle. No stored diagnostic codes. Emmision compliant no issues so far. Kept outside year round. Almost 9 yrs for original battery. Replaced front blower resistor, tires (with same), shocks (KYB gas), 1 wheel stud, front calipers, rotors, pads, serpentine belt. Regular maintenance and kept clean.
Bought new in 1999, now has over 199,000 miles on it. The rear end gears went at 88,000, the trans went at 92,000, the front brakes lasted 97,000, the rears 175,000. $4000 trans. Ouch! Replaced the differential with a Lock Right - bad idea. Noisy. The engine runs like a champ, no tap. But it has had 5 sets of upper ball joints (including originals, replace twice by Dodge under warranty) and lower control arms were replaced due to bad ball joints. Two words - bad design. But for all it's faults, it is a do anything type of truck. Now it started running warm, stalling at lights and wearing the tires badly (on it's 5th set of tires). Needs $1700 worth of work, decisions, decisions ....
Purchased new in 2001. Currently has 120000 miles on it and is used as a daily driver. I have replaced three of the four window regulators and the rear air needed to be replaced. All in all a great vehicle with some minor repairs. Best vehicle for hauling kids I have ever owned.