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2002 Dodge Durango (5 Reviews)
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2002 Durango. Bought it with 97,000 miles. I pull a 6x12 utility trailer every workday. Many times it's loaded with a full pallet of hardwood flooring, ofter over 2000 lbs.. 12-14 miles to a gallon with load, 16-19 w/out trailer. Relpaced front brake calipres at 135,000 and no other issues. Currently have 168,000 and simply love my vehicle. I switched to Mobile One Synthetic as soon as i got it. Change the filter 3-5000miles and the oil each 30,000. Well pleased with performance.
I purchased my 2002 Durango SLT in the fall of 03. It had 28k on it and was beautiful. It's now 2011 and guess what. It's still beautiful and has been a great truck since day one. Most durango owners do not know the differences between a car and a truck. most think of a Durango as big 4 wheel Drive stationwagon. Nothing could be further than the truth. I've heard of many horor stories of the 4.7 engine being bad and eventually blowing up. What that is really is a total lack of reading the owners manual, knowledge of trucks over cars and differences in maintaining them.
Trucks natually get used more and work harder than the family van or station wagon. The key to success is maintenance. Change your oil every 3500 miles with HIGH quality synthetic 10w-40w oil and a fram double filter. I have 185,000 miles on mine and still is as strong as it was the day I bought it. Yes I've had some serious issues. My back brakes locked up on the intersrtate 3 days after I purchased it. Lucky it was still under the factory warranty at the time. It was almost $5000 to fix. They put in a whole new transmisson. But listening to all these people who have had their engines blow up just tells me they didn't read the owners manual, and they didn't do proper maintenance on a scheduled basis. When it was brought out years ago that the 4.7L engine was getting filled up with sludge and the engine would blow because the oil sump was to small it should be a warning to anyone to go to a higer viscosity thinner oil with a higer break down rating. Synthetic oil does not foam up like regular oil. It also does not form sludge inside the engine. I only did one year of standard motor oil when I purchased my Durango. ever since I have always used high grade Castrol or Ultra High mobile one and changed the oil between 4500- 5000 miles without exception.
That's why i have 185 miles on mine and it is so quiet you sometimes can't tell its even running. The only real fault I find is that the A/C system is lacking. It really never has gotten cold unless on the highway. My 89 Dakota has an A/C system that would freeze water on the front seat...LOL I wish that system were in my Durango.
my grandpa has a 2002 dodge durango i'd say it's a good car but not as good as his 1990 chevy suburban he used to have until it got stolden i'm more of a ford fan anyway but the durango is still good it has four wheel drive it's good for pulling his boat it's a reliable car looks nice has pretty good interior
SLT 4.7, auto, 4wd, dual air, leather.
Bought this new in 01. Every day driver and tows 18.5' boat. Very happy with the performance of this vehicle. No stored diagnostic codes. Emmision compliant no issues so far. Kept outside year round. Almost 9 yrs for original battery. Replaced front blower resistor, tires (with same), shocks (KYB gas), 1 wheel stud, front calipers, rotors, pads, serpentine belt. Regular maintenance and kept clean.
Electrical problems with the windows and doors have plagued this SUV. Transmission went out earlier than expected 70K miles.