2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD owners review and rate their 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD.

2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD (12 Reviews)
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I would not buy another. In 12 years I have spent over 7000.00 in repairs and most of them I did myself. The transmission was done by others.
Very poorly built truck. Everything is rusting out including brake lines and fuel lines. Only good side is the ride.
I have the 6L gas engine and I have 79,000 miles on my Silverado and I really like this truck. I get compliments by many people and so far I did the brake pads twice I put in 2 new starters, had to replace the oil pump as well as the rear tailgate supports. The truck clanks now I think its the throw out bearing and it leaks small amounts of oil not sure from where and the transfer case leaks tranny fluid so I have to add fluid once a month or so and the blower only worked on 2 and from having to jiggle the wires for so long it melted the 2 wire clip so I have to hard wire it and only work on high That might be it but I still love this truck!! I get 10 mpg??
Great Truck!!! I have a six speed stick and at 190K, it still avg about 20 MPG. I remember a recall in 2006, the dealer replaced the fuel injectors. Since 2008, when someone got in and stole the stereo/ tore the dash apart - it has had a few electrical issues. Replaced the transmission at 189K, finally time to get a new set of glo plugs at 190k. Overall my total avg cost has been .65 cents a mile. My last truck was a dodge ram V10 which cost me $1.00 per mile.
2003 Duramax, now has 157xxx miles. I love this truck but during the last year, which is not bad, I've had the following issues:
Brake HydroBoost
Master Cylinder
Fuel Injectors at 133k
Glow Plugs - Every winter like clock-work it needed one glow every January. There is still one that has not been replaced. But each time a glow plug was replaced the truck ran better.
I bought it with 68k miles. I rated the engine low because of fuel injector issues.

LEAKING DIESEL FUEL IN THE ENGINE BLOCK. This is caused by leaky/faulty fuel injectors. When the injectors go bad they leak diesel in the block. That is when I finally needed to swap the injectors. My engine oil levels were increasing and smelling like you know what?

change engine oil light when you turn it on 10 Seconds or so then goes off twice while driving runs good but never came on before and oil was just change what could it be???????

6.6 duramax diesel HD 2003 chevy silverado
I have a 2003 2500HD 6.0 liter with 170K miles. The Low Oil Pressure indicator comes on the display and the "alert sound" starts. I have replaced the oil sensor and this still occurs after driving more than five miles. When driving the oil pressure guage goes up and when I slow down the oil pressure goes down and then the sound alert starts again. The truck had a oil change and no oil leaks.
I have a 2003 2500HD 6.0 liter with over 60K miles. Their was a recall on the Dash console, Had that replaced 2 years ago and now the number lights for the mileage only is aluminated when it is hot out, it is still keeping the miles but you just cant see it until it is hot out, anyone else have this problem?
I have a 2003 2500HD 6.0 liter with just over 66K miles. The Low Oil Pressure indicator comes on the display and the "dinging" starts. I have replaced the oil sensor with an OEM one and this still occurs after driving more than five miles. When driving the oil pressure guage shows approx 15 when driving betwee 50 - 55 mph and the RPMs are between 2000-2500. If I acclerate rapidly to 65-70 and then let off the acclerator the "dinging" will stop when speed get to between 50-55 but only stops for a minute or two and then starts again. There are no oil leaks; oil is at the proper level and things check out just fine. Thoughts?
i have somewhat recently bought a 2003 2500 hd & it has been getting diesel fuel into the motor oil . I have been loking around trying to get answers of what could be causing this but noone seams to be able to give me a real answer of why it would be doing this......
I have been happy with my Duramax deisel but I do have a problem with my dash cluster.Gauges and digital redouts they are either completely on or completely out.I was able to try another cluster but it did the same thing .I have replaced the electrical plug that connects the cluster to the wiring harness,thinking it was loose but it didn't make any difference.It almost seems like a short but can't seem to find where.
I have a 2003 Chevy 2500HD with a 6.0L engine. When the weather gets cooler, even in the 50s when I start out the "Reduced Engine Power" warning comes on. I shut the engine off because it has no power even when depress the throttle, for just a minute or two, when I start it back up it runs fine. The check engine light stays on for a period of time but the engine runs fine. I have taken it to a dealer and have been told that it could be one of three things and each item cost around $400 to $500 dollars to try. I have been wordering if anyone else has run into this problem.
I love this truck other than the stupid steering shaft that is a known defect that GM will not fix.