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1996 Chevrolet Cavalier owners review and rate their 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier.

1996 Chevrolet Cavalier (8 Reviews)
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I bought my 1996 cavalier brand new....i have 225545 miles on uses no runs like a gem...i plan on running it until the wheels fall is great on gas...i hope to get to 300,000 miles on it....i wish they still made them...because when this one is finally done....i would buy another is starating to rust, but i have driven it every winter and they have been rough winters in PA...
i have a 1996 and i got it about 2 years a go i have i think like 183k miles on it and i had to put a new gas tank and lines in it, new exhaust, also i had to replace that break lines ,new tires but all in all it is a good car to have and if your E- brake works then it is a fun car... haha
What , does it when your oil light stay on?.
I got mine around 2001. It has 175k+ miles on it. I replaced the clutch once. Everything has worked perfectly for me except the radiator. I have had problems with it overheating. The radiator hose blew once and was replaced like a year ago. Now I'm having another problem with the radiator. I'm hoping its just the radiator cap and I can keep running this thing into the ground. If not, then it may be time to say goodbye to it.
I had a 1984 and put 483,000 miles on it. Floor went through before car died.
Bought mine about two years ago. Had a few problems just because of previous owner. Its a great car. Fun to drive being a manual and all. I have had problems with the fuel pump and a fuel leak and just regular maintenance. Have to replace to clutch but other than that great car!
I bought my car new and has only had minor issues.
nothing but problems with radiator and overheating. I only drive to and from work (6 miles each way) and have had to replace both radiator and head gasket 2x