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2004 Cadillac CTS (11 Reviews)
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Bought the car new ten years ago and have not had any problems until last week (Friday the 13th)..was about 20 miles from home for an appt. and the ignition would not work. The key was stuck. A young man saw what was going on and seemed to know what to do and got the key out. The car started and when I got it in my garage the key was hopelessly stuck again. We are waiting for it to be towed to a garage....Dashboard lights are iffy...sometime work and sometime not...
I crash my 2004 cadillac cts bad my right front side is smash pretty bad how much would it cost total too fix?
What is up with the trunk lid, ity is so heavy the wind blew it shut on my head today and almost knocked me out? This should be recalled!
I had absolutely no problems out of this car until I hit the one year mark of having it. Now I am almost through the second year and have had nothing but problems out of it!!! Computer, sensors, timing chain, exhaust, u name it there has been a problem. Within the last 6 months I have put more than $3000 dollars in repairs for this thing and it is now at the dealer AGAIN!!!!! Cost to repair this time 1476!!!! Do not recommend this car to anyone if they do not have the cash to fix it unexpectedly!!!!
I have a CTS 2004, starting to hear fluids inside the rear door.
What could it be?
Delightfull car to drive and a completley relaxing and enjoyable experience however reliability is a little concern due to wierd electrical quirks that require it to be taken to a Cadillac dealership where they will almost definatley stiff you. If you can afford a few extra grand a year in maintenance without ripping your hair out they its awsome. As long as you are prepared for the extra maintenance expense.
We have had numerous problems with this car. From the power control module to the crank shaft sensor to the traction control. I would say run as fast as you can from this car.
The car is great except for brake ( 30K ) and tire wear ( 45K ). The breaks DO stop on a dime.
The car does not have very good traction in rain or snow and I think it's due to the type of tires
it has - GY Eagles.
Quick... This car will take you on down the street in a hurry.
I hardly ever have to use the "Sport Mode" button, just step on the gas and hold on.
Love the car