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2011 CTS with 29,000 miles. Steering wheel was loose, lots of play. They had to replace the control arm. Got the car back and steering wheel is cocked about 8 degrees to the right, not dead on center. Brought it back multiple times. Finally they had to replace the entire steering rack. Should not happen on a car with 29K miles
Piece of crap. I will never buy another Cadillac again after all problems had just liked my 2000 Seville. This car spent 18 days into shop even overnight for bad engine module at 85,000 miles my mechanic advised that might go ahead get another engine replacement plus took to dealer 23x for bad trans/leaking oil situation but was charged higher fee since my car is out of warranty thought changing oils would been better actually wrong the car now burns oil like crazy still didn't do any good. I've had brake problems spent $123.98 on rotors, calipers and pinions they seemed need changing just about every year or so the car is breaking me at this time. The battery blew twice went to places like NAPA, AutoZone and Advance Auto getting new batteries because some reason it's something in engine causing my batteries to just blow for no apparently reason. I spent too much getting new catalytic converter although didn't go through my dealer figured go to mechanic be cheaper instead dealing with hassles but couldn't win for losing the car might need another one replaced. Can't believe a car over 10 years old with low miles has tons of problems for beautiful car like this one I take very good care of it even when took into dealer for services starting having these problems contacted GM was just worst for me because no one didn't help with the problems. I'm already finished paying car off for 5 years ago but now it's time for me get another vehicle know ever trade in wouldn't be worth nothing as this car value probably not a thing in all expensive repairs put down on it. Steering had to be checked by a mechanic seems something was making popping noises from under dashboard plus had a leak on my leg might be bad steering pump leak my mechanic couldn't find anything what be caused of it all I know it's not a Cadillac. When made another mistake should have known better not to touch another Cadillac after dealing with another 5 year old car was a lemon as well but now never again buy a Cadillac time for me move on another make after experience with both Cadillac's looking at Hyundai or etc. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!
Well here we go I bought this car when i turned 18 thinking it would be awesome this is probably the worst mistake of my life im 21 now and i have had way to many problems one the head-gasket blew 900$ to fix 2 the water leaks in through the sun roof and in the trunk currently my trunk is flooded the back plastic peace the covers the licence plate blew off on my way to work one day costs 600$ for a new one the horn just died a few days ago part of the rear interior hangs down and wont go back in place the trunk hinges broke so now its heavy as hell and wont stay open the heat dosent really work at all the motor in the drivers seat died so now it cant move back in fourth the wood grain is starting to crack all around it goes through oil like its a race car it gets horrible radio reception theres a 40$ dollar piece that needs to be replaced regarding the thermostat the makes the check engine light come on and stay on whenever its below 50 degrees Fahrenheit but you need to pull out the entire engine to be able to get to it replace headlights or tailight bulbs is such a pain in the ass and way harder then it should be and now im getting tired of typing but thats about half of the problems ive had with this piece of junk car
Bought the car new ten years ago and have not had any problems until last week (Friday the 13th)..was about 20 miles from home for an appt. and the ignition would not work. The key was stuck. A young man saw what was going on and seemed to know what to do and got the key out. The car started and when I got it in my garage the key was hopelessly stuck again. We are waiting for it to be towed to a garage....Dashboard lights are iffy...sometime work and sometime not...
drive train driveshaft had to be replaced, $300 to replace headlight. bumper had to come off. 3.6 V6 12.5 city 19 highway take fuse out of awd system and can get 16.8 city and 22.5 highway. Chrome rims are junk rim leaks on all four rims, dealer says tires, Tire store shows me the rims they take tires off and rims look like they are contaminated or bad castings, they wire wheel them put tires on balance and send me out the door. good for about 5-6 months and it starts all over again, back to see my friends at tire store. This car only has 22,000 miles. I came from a Lexus and have
a new one comming
DON'T BUY THIS CAR unless love spending time in dealer shop. God in his heaven knows could turn the hands back in time never would have got this car. I too have a 2008 CTS burns oil 2/3 quarts last told since out of warranty GM won't help me I have all receipts when first took my car in for 1st scheduled maintenance at 45,000 miles check engine light came on took in to dealer said that car burning 2 quarts of oil...Now since I am 62,000 miles went through 2/3qts I have contacted GM several times get same lame about take to dealer can't help because since waited so long warranty has expired...WHAT A SHAME! Now Cadillac thinks that I'm going to pay for the cost no way. I also had issues with transmission, brakes, steering issues add to list of things have lots of problems. It wouldn't start at grocery store called AAA towed to junkyard overnight since was on a Sunday but next day Monday I called dealer back told them the tow truck was going to bring my car in because had problems wouldn't start leaving me stranded in parking lot at grocery store. They got a chance look at it now engine rebuilt because pistons and oil rings rotten out spend $1575 BUT BY GRACE OF GOD glad had the money repairing why should I pay on something that is on GM and Cadillac be half. I got this car because was a Cadillac fan but now lost faith in both GM and Cadillac never again purchase from this company. This has been the worst experience ever I driven 2 imports and 3 Chryslers none never have had problems. When next week are so comes I am trading this piece of junk in for an well made vehicle either Chrysler, Honda, Nissan or Ford. No GMs for this person when I'm done I am done no more dealing with this lousy company.
they should rename this car engine light its constant on code p2157 p301 p300 been to dealer 5 times spent over 900.00 dollars running worse than before not a dependable vehicle at all cant wait to get ride of it [money pit]
My 2005 CTS was making engine noise and loss of engine oil. Dealer in El Centro California stated I needed a replacement engine. Dealer replaced and 2 years and 50K miles later, the same problem. Dealer says I need a replacement engine again!!
GMC needs to look into this!!

Oscar Martinez
I crash my 2004 cadillac cts bad my right front side is smash pretty bad how much would it cost total too fix?
2008 Cadillac cts
I love the car but I am tempted get rid of it because
the radio keep going out I am about to put in the third radio
in to this car . and wiper keep going off whenever it want to
I been in and out of the shop with that new car as of on old car.
Constant leak in the trunk and accessory brake light which costs over $700 to replace. Under the hood intermittent issues with the battery (replaced twice ), spark plugs (same plug replaced twice) and occasionally, the car just won't start (no warning, no lights, no clue). This is a tempermental vehicle.
cts from 2007 to 2010 before you buy check with dealer by giving them your vin# to check the history of repairs and recalls. they have timing chain stretch, code p008 don't buy unless proof of replacement. symptoms are very poor fuel millage 14mpg, gas pedal very sensitive, surging and hesitation. they will always blame you, the oil type and level and how frequently you change it. And then they widen the parameters so the check engine light will not read the cam and crank sensors being off position and set a code. Document and save code before dealer erases it.
its from timing chain stretch on 3.6 DI pedal is very sensitive. GM is extending coverage to 120,010. miles or 5 more years. fuel millage on mine is 14mgp due to timing off. code dealer has replaced hundreds of timing chains.
this is a list of the problems we have had with our 2008 CTS over the last three and a half years
- leaking seals around the sunroof, trunk lid and tail lights, repaired four times.
- broken suspension casting in right rear, repaired under warrantee .
- most recent , the bolt holding the right upper control arm to the subframe loosened causing wear to the hole in the subframe, we are told the mechanic tightened the bolt and realigned the wheel but that it could happen again, and the only real fix would be to replace the subframe, at a cost of approximately 2500.00.
This car has less than 30,000 miles on it and always had maintenance at dealer.
We are very disappointed with the car and just want to get rid of it.
Purchased used with 80,000 miles. Well maintained with all service records. Beautiful car with a beautiful ride... when it's running. I have put an additional 30,000 miles on it, but it has required two full brake jobs (front and rear), at least 4 blown fuses, cylinder coil replacement, washer fluid censor and two new batteries, among other things. My engine light is on most of the time, but GM service never seems to find the issue. Some people would say "what do you expect with a car that has over 100K miles?" My responce is that my 3 previous cars (Toyotas) had well over 200K before I had any real issues other than very standard maintenance. I still haven't owned a RELIABLE American car since my 1970 Malibu.
what does it mean when your air cuts off by itself and the computer states your car is hot but there is nothing showing that it is it also states check coolant but its some in there
my issue is with lag when pressing down on the gas pedal and having to keep your foot at an angle due to the very very light sensitivity when pressing the gas pedal...not comfortable to drive...
What is up with the trunk lid, ity is so heavy the wind blew it shut on my head today and almost knocked me out? This should be recalled!
The remote door opener don't work even with new battery installed. However it works (sometimes) when you turn on the inition switch and imediately afterward it works. What can cause this kind of problem? The Dealership think its my remote door openers and I can't see both of them going bad at the same time....
I have a 2006 CTS with 95,000 miles. It has been burning through oil like crazy. Is this normal?
I have a 2011 CTS that has always had a vibration that no one has been able to locate. The service department says that it is the leather in the seats rubbing together. It is worse in warm weather and is driving me nuts!! Has anyone experienced a similar situation?
Like my 2012 CTS AWD but have COMPLAINT regarding noise(s)coming from trunk/gas tank area when coming to complete stop, then I hear the noise in rear..Sounds like something rolling in my trunk. Either backing up (worst) or forward. Happens depending on amt of gas in tank. Worst when tank has around 1/2 tank of gas. Not noticeable when either full or 1/4 less. Dealer feels this is due to design of gas tank (horse shoe/saddle shape) gas splashing back in forth. Really bad when quite in car,no radio on. It's a Cadillac! Shouldn't have any noises like this. I've own several Cad but never had this issue.I test drove another new CTS and it did the same. Has anyone else had this problem?
I have a 2003 cadillac cts and i have begin to hear a roaring
noise that sounds like it is coming from the rear end. Took it
to the dealership and they said it was my tires. Bought new tires
and it is still doing the same thing.
I had absolutely no problems out of this car until I hit the one year mark of having it. Now I am almost through the second year and have had nothing but problems out of it!!! Computer, sensors, timing chain, exhaust, u name it there has been a problem. Within the last 6 months I have put more than $3000 dollars in repairs for this thing and it is now at the dealer AGAIN!!!!! Cost to repair this time 1476!!!! Do not recommend this car to anyone if they do not have the cash to fix it unexpectedly!!!!
I have a CTS 2004, starting to hear fluids inside the rear door.
What could it be?
I bought my 2003 Cadillac CTS on July 28, 2002. This car really takes off. I have to reign it in, just a couple of speeding tickets. It has about 150,000 miles, no oil burning. On a long trip I get around 28 mpg,good for the 3.2 V6. My problems are, the third brake light is made with neon type light bulbs. It died out last year, I put in a temporary inside the window cheap stop third light, it is still there. The third light is over $250. This is a common problem with water leaking into the light, and burning it out. Another problem is the plastic frame on the back of the backup lights came off and broke. The dealer wants only $600 for its replacement. I glued it back on, but it is still broken. Why did it fall off; because you need to take it off to replace the backup light bulbs, so no glue...otherwise the car is great and still looks great (garaged). Adolph41
Delightfull car to drive and a completley relaxing and enjoyable experience however reliability is a little concern due to wierd electrical quirks that require it to be taken to a Cadillac dealership where they will almost definatley stiff you. If you can afford a few extra grand a year in maintenance without ripping your hair out they its awsome. As long as you are prepared for the extra maintenance expense.
We have had numerous problems with this car. From the power control module to the crank shaft sensor to the traction control. I would say run as fast as you can from this car.
Brought this car new in 2003. Last week the windshield wipers would not turn off. Now it is in the shop and the part cost $230.00 and the labor is about $150.00.
auto tranny is very jerky in city driving and constantly upshifts and downshifts......reaches 6th gear at only 40mph......very strange