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2008 Buick Lucerne (5 Reviews)
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I have an 08 lucerne cxs with the north star engine. When I first purchased it was a dream to drive and then it hit 50k miles and everything went wrong. First some relay kept going out because the voltage was set too high that ran me a grand. The next problem an oil leak near the crank shaft that blew the oil back onto the engine therefore I never knew the oil was leaking and burned the engine up. Now the a/c works on the passenger side when the heater is on and when want the a/c it only works on the driver side. For a $40k car its noisy I made the mistake of leaving my Deville to go to this Buick. If you are considering this vehicle please reconsider.
My 2008 Buick Lucerne, V8, is nearing 100,000 miles and it is time for a whole bunch of maintenance and repair items, well over 1,000.00 worth of repairs/maintenance. I am very satisfied with it and it is about to go out of warranty. It has been driven to Washington, DC multiple times, DisneyWorld and many, many other places from Indianapolis, IN and still going. I had the same problem with the driver side door handle falling off in my hand just out of the blue and found out it is just a manufacturer deficiency and I had the dealer replace it. The brakes on the Lucerne are rather delicate as the discs tend to warp with excessive lateral runout even when using really good ceramic brake pads, but I do the brakes myself and it does not get that expensive. There are no oil leaks and I do my own oil changes. The transmission seems to be working fine, now I have noticed recently that if I take off at maximum speed going from zero to whatever with the pedal to the floor, the torque thrust is rather extreme and the car moves from side to side almost uncontrolably until it reaches a certain speed, of course I do not recommend anyone do this. After it goes out of warranty in the next month or so, I am going to add a computer chip to allow me to use HHO gas from water and modify the car to run on water as a supplement to gasoline and see what my gas mileage becomes. I love this car as I have taught my oldest daughter how to drive using this car and my family has had many exciting adventures in the Lucerne.
My 2008 Buick Lucerne Cxl has had several repairs and it does not have 33,000 miles on it yet.The 1st repair was the steering system it had a whining noise when I was turning the wheel and backing up at the same time, 2nd was I smelled gasoline coming in thru the airvents and to this day I was not given a reason why that was going on, 3rd my check engine light came on and there was loss of power while driving it, I was told that it was a Purge Solenoid that was not functioning properly,4th the door handle on the driver side just came off no questions asked, this car was purchased brand new, I am losing faith in GM cars but it is still under waranty a good thing everything is showing up now instead of later.
Car looses 2 quarts of oil between oil changes... Dealer replaced valve guides. Still does it. Dealer says " GM considers this to be acceptable". 2 qts REALLY!

This car has been into service for an raspy acceleration sound that sounds like a large wooden croquet ball bouncing around in a thick plastic box between 1800-2100 rpm. At times I have to turn up the radio and roll down the window to INTRODUCE enough sound to drown this out. Of course... they can never hear this when it has been in 3 different times. They just say... eventually it will break. OMG!

Never again... My advise.... BUY SOMETHING ELSE!!
I love my 2008 Buick Lucerne CXS. I only wished the car had a battery volt indicator like my previous park aves had.The D.I.C. center in my last car had this. The look/ride comfort is great. Besides the lack of battery volt indicator, the dash buttons are not as friendly as my last park ave. Even a rental chevy colbalt had the buttons in the steering wheel. Its hard to set and see what the car is doing,the way the buttons are on the left dash.Outside this it;s a fantastic car. I hope my next full size Buick is rear wheel drive. And I want a 2 door like i had in my 1989 Buick Le sabre T-Type. Bring back a look that that again.2 door.console/looked like a grand national.Buick used to have comfort and hot rodding like my 1969 Wildcat 2 door. Make the name Wildcat come back boys at Buick. A life time Buick man. Thanks TIMOTHY JAMES SIMPKINS